If your annual salary is high, you can save money in your daily life!

◆ Why we should aim for high income
Whether your annual income is 3 million yen or 2 million yen, there will be a way to live happily. It is also necessary to make a muscular household so that it is safe to do so.

But that doesn't mean that you don't want to make excuses for the current situation or make no effort. This is because earning a high annual income is advantageous in many everyday situations, despite hard work, high pressure, and high taxes.

First of all, because you are respected by your surroundings just because your annual income is high, the frequency of receiving rude responses will decrease. It may sound a little arrogant, but suppose someone complains at work.

At that time, if you turn back, “If you say so much, how much do you earn?”, The opponent will not be able to say anything. In fact, if you are confident even if you don't say it, you will be able to receive criticism from others and be able to afford yourself.

◆ Advantageous when borrowing money
It is also advantageous in borrowing money. When you make a mortgage or investment loan, you can borrow more money at a lower interest rate.

With a mortgage loan, if the annual income is low, the interest rate will be 2%. If the annual income is high, you can borrow it at less than 1%.

When buying an investment property, you can only borrow up to 50 million yen if the annual income is 5 million yen, but you can often borrow 200 million yen if the annual income is 20 million yen. Then, the rent take will be quadrupled and you will become more and more rich.

There is also an examination when renting a rental, but most rental properties can be rented if the annual income is high. Easily pass credit card review.

◆ Advantageous in changing jobs
Even in the job change market, people with an annual income of 15 million yen tend to be introduced to high-income projects [assuming that they have the ability, of course]. Conversely, it is unlikely that a person with an annual income of 3 million yen will be introduced to a project with an annual income of 15 million yen.

In addition, when changing jobs, the income from the previous job is usually taken into consideration to some extent. Unless it is a complete job change or age restriction, it is unlikely that even if the annual income goes down, it will not be so extreme.

◆ Information gathers for high-income people
It is sometimes said that capitalism has collapsed, but human behavior is still capitalism. More and more money will be collected for those who can make money, and there will be room for spending a little higher than people.

If you pay a lot of money, you can get high treatment. It's like a business class or first class on a passenger plane. In addition, there will be room for donations and donations. Information is also gathered. Information on advantageous financial products comes from people who have the ability to invest.

◆ What does high income mean?
In the first place, earning a high annual income means that you are doing a job with high added value and useful for many people [of course, this is not the case for those who are doing concessionary work, but in general, Meaning in a private company].

On the other hand, low-income income is either not providing much value or being exploited by the company.

The same goes for business. For example, can you sell a smartphone that is tedious and inconvenient? “IPhone” was a hit because it offered convenience and enjoyment to more people.

This does not mean that high income is good and low is bad, but that the global social and economic system is made more advantageous to people with high income.

It doesn't make sense to criticize that it's a rich man's favor by looking at these things. This is the reality, even if you don't want to admit. High annual income is a powerful weapon to bring economic life to an advantage.

That is why if we live in a capitalist society and want a more stable and secure life, we need to make efforts to increase the annual income. Of course, it doesn't matter to those who say, “No, you do n’t have to be advantageous” or “I ’m satisfied now”.

Text = Toudoo Tono [Money Guide]
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