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iFixit, “cheese grated” with new Mac Pro. The best chopping-Engadget Japan version

Already Apple has official support documents andVideoAnd the inside of the new Mac Pro has been revealed. DIMM (memory) is installed in the upper DIMM slot inside,Remove cover and replace. OrPCIe cardIs to slide the lock to the right, insert it again, lock it again, and tighten the fastener screw.

iFixit also removes the aluminum case"Modular design with emphasis on upgradeability"As is nominal, it is as simple as raising the top latch and turning it to the left, unlocking it and lifting it straight up. The PCIe slot can also be accessed by unlocking it by sliding the lock to the right, and no special screw is used.
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This time, only the first impression and the difference from the old Mac Pro are still being talked about, but the “cheese-grated front panel” that many new Mac Pro watchers have hoped for has been realized. Cheese is finely chopped into pieces, but it is all caught in the case without falling down.

IFixit is also running a small contest to solicit ideas for what can be used instead of the wheels at the bottom of the new Mac Pro. Another advantage of iFixit is that you can play boldly with hardware that costs about 600,000 yen just for the main unit.

The full disassembly report will probably be released next week. A follow-up report is also planned in this magazine.

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