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IGTV icon disappears from Instagram app "No demand"-Engadget Japan

Instagram IGTV

TechCrunch reports that Facebook, an affiliate of Facebook, has removed the IGTV icon that appears at the top of the mobile app.

IGTV has been offering this since June 2018 as a mobile app that allows users to post videos for up to one hour. In addition, posted videos can be viewed on Instagram, and IGTV icons have been displayed on the Instagram app from the same period.

TechCrunch coverageAccording to the report, only a small number of users use IGTV icons, and most users watch videos from the main feed or IGTV app. A spokeswoman did not respond to comments about why few people use IGTV icons.

However, this may be because IGTV users can not earn advertising revenue from video distribution, and there is no way to profit from companies by delivering Instagram feed advertisements at present. .

Nowadays, SNS is used by many people and companies, but it is used in various ways, such as sending information to more people and sharing fragments of daily life. Therefore, not all people watch videos in one app.

The removal of the IGTV icon from Instagram may be a very simple reason.


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