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IKEA's WiFi speakers launched in Japan from 14,999 yen. Joint development with SONOS-Engadget Japan


IKEA, a Swedish furniture maker, and SONOS, a speaker company, will launch a jointly developed WiFi speaker "SYMFONISK" on February 1.

IKEA stores have a lineup of two models, a simple bookshelf type and a table lamp type with lighting. The price is 14,990 yen [tax included, the same applies hereinafter] for the bookshelf and 24,990 yen for the table lamp type. And sell in online store. SYMFONISK has already been sold in Europe and North America and is finally available in Japan.

▲ SYMFONISK WiFi speaker with table lamp

▲ SYMFONISK Bookshelf-type WiFi speaker

The biggest feature of SYMFONISK is that music can be streamed and played under WiFi instead of Bluetooth. It supports more than 50 music streaming services, including Apple Music and Spotify, as well as services such as audiobooks and podcasts.

It also supports voice recognition using Alexa and Google Assistant [coming soon]. The microphone is not installed, but you can operate the voice by linking with the Echo series of smart speakers and the optional SONOS speaker equipped with a microphone.

In addition, by preparing two SYMFONISK units, stereo playback can be performed, and a multi-room system can be built by connecting to other SONOS speakers.

SYMFONISK▲ Can be connected to other SONOS speakers

The setup requires a SONOS app. By grouping independent rooms, you can play the same music in each room, and also see a list of which artists are using which music distribution services.

In addition, it supports the "Trueplay" function that is familiar with SONOS speakers. This is a system that automatically tunes the speaker according to the room and measures the floor plan with sound waves using a smartphone microphone. For example, it compensates for the echo in the bathroom.


The sound quality is worrisome, but I've touched on it because I got a chance to listen to it for a few minutes at the product announcement. Both have different ways of hearing depending on the environment of the room, but especially in the middle to high range, they have a sharp and straightforward sound.

Depending on the song, snares and cymbals may sound light, but bass sounds [especially bass drums, kicks, synths, etc.] may sound good. Regarding sound creation, IKEA's staff appealed, "I can faithfully reproduce the intentions of the composer."

As for the material and texture, the table lamp type is finished in calm tones and shapes that match the bedside tables and cabinets. In particular, the lampshade uses blown glass from a skilled craftsman, giving a sense of IKEA's commitment.

Stephan Begich, Head of IKEA Home Smart Product Development, stated the focus on product creation:

"The emphasis was on how sound can be integrated into people's lives. We designed the music so that it could flow from the invisible."

▲ Sara Morris, Senior Product Manager of SONOS [left] and Stepan Beghichi, Head of IKEA Home Smart Product Development [right]

"We've done a great deal of research, sometimes visiting our homes and showing prototypes," said Sara Morris, senior product manager for SONOS. There were many opinions that there were too many, and there was no place. SYMFONISK made the housing as small as possible and made it a product that promotes seamless connection wirelessly. " Said.

Also, regarding the difficulties during development, Sara Morris said, "At first, I decided to use a metal cover, including the speaker part, but I chose a mesh finish because it interferes with WiFi radio waves."

Product Specifications

WiFi speakers with table lamps are available in two colors, black and white. The size is W21.6 × L21.6 × H40.1cm, and weighs 3.28kg. LED bulbs are sold separately and are compatible with E17 [up to 7W].

The bookshelf type WiFi speaker is available in two colors, black and white. Size is W15 × L31 × H10cm
, 2.16kg.

All products are compatible with the IEEE 802.11b / g / n [2.4GH] wireless LAN standard.


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