Ikimonogakari Yoshiki Mizuno “No words”

There was sorrow from many fans and people involved in the news of the drummer “masshoi” Yu, who played an active role as a member of “Anisama Band” at “AnimeloSummerLive” [hereinafter “Anisama”].

Music group Ikimonogakari's leader Yoshiki Mizuno said on Twitter, “In the same age, at a young age … there is no language. Thank you for recording various songs, both Ikimonogakari and others. I pray. " Suzuko Mimori, a voice actor and singer, replied, “Msshai, who was indebted every year in the Anisama band, can't believe in sudden intelligence. I wish you happiness.”

T.M.Revolution Takanori Nishikawa tweeted, “I can't believe it … The song I recorded with you hasn't been released yet …”. Voice actor and singer Emi Ogata was saddened, "… I couldn't believe it for a long time. If it became an article like this, I wouldn't like it because it was true.

The vocal unit of the music unit angela atsuko said on the blog, “I have been spending the last few days with an incredible feeling. Like Anisama Band, since last year I have been hit by one person at Hibiya's Noon live last month. "I was just laughing so much while playing a board game with everyone in the dressing room," he was shocked by the sudden intelligence of Mr. Yamauchi who was energetic and said, "Farewell to the hometown of Aizu! I went there, but I still can't believe it, the family and all the people feel like that, with such an accurate drum, good personality, serious, but also joking, I don't know, I want to say thank you so far, but I can't believe it because I can't believe it yet. "

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