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"I'm here!" In 3 steps! How to use “Share location information” to help confirm safety during a disaster: iPhone Tips-Engadget Japan

Get recipe for “Share location info”

First of all, from the acquisition of the “Share location information” recipe. Open the "Shortcuts" app and select "Gallery" at the bottom right of the screen. Next, tap “Show All” in “Required Shortcuts”.

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<p>Next, select “Select location information” from the list of “Required shortcuts”. Simply tap “Get Shortcut” to get the recipe. You can always use the recipe from “My Shortcut” at the bottom left of the screen.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ Select “Share location information” (left). You can confirm that this recipe will be executed by selecting “Get Shortcut” and selecting “3 Actions” (right)

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<h2>Try using it</h2>
<p>If you want to use this “Share location information”, tap “Share location information” displayed in “My shortcuts” of the “Shortcut” app. When using this recipe for the first time, "" Share location information "is asking for access to location information" is displayed. Select "OK".</p>
<p><img alt=▲ Open "Shortcuts" and tap "Share location information" in "My Shortcuts" (left). Select “OK”. From now on, this question will not be displayed (right)

The recipe has been executed and the screen has changed to "New message". Enter the phone number or name of the person whose location information you want to share in "Destination". The URL of the current location is displayed at the bottom of the screen, so let's press the send icon on the right. By the way, if you know the phone number, you can also get location information on Android devices.

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<p>When you open the “Message” app on the other party ’s smartphone, a map is displayed. Tap it to switch to the “Map” app, and the sender ’s current location will be displayed with a red pin.</p>
<p><img alt=▲ When the other party shares your location, open the "Messages" app and press the displayed map (left). The screen changed and the other party's whereabouts were displayed with a red pin (right)

This is a very useful feature, but I have a lot of acquaintances who know "LINE but don't know the phone number", so I felt that I had to listen to the other person's emergency contact information on a daily basis.
Anyway, I'm grateful that you can quickly tell about safety in an emergency. This function can also be used for regular meeting. If you are late or lost, you can give your partner a sense of security by sharing your location with “Share location information”.

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