I'm leaving the house overnight, Radio asks a rainy day

Masahiro Nakai [47], who will leave the Johnny's office at the end of March, will appear on Nippon Broadcasting Corporation's "Masahiro Nakai ON & ON AIR" [11:00 pm on Saturday].

The recording date is unknown, but Nakai said at the beginning, "I'm fluttering," and the program started.

When she calls a 18-year-old female listener and asks Nakai to ask her anything, she asks, "Do you see the Devil Blade?" In a question of a popular anime, Nakai said, "I was prepared and prepared and thought that it would come in the middle [question]. I thought it would be an aggressive question …"

Also, after hearing that a woman had been to a SMAP live, Nakai grinned, "I don't think I'll do it anymore. I'm not confident in myself."

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