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The gadget team restarted from April 2020, increasing opportunities to shoot products.

I've been studying cameras since I was thinking that I want to take good pictures because it's a great deal, but there are limits to self-study! At this time of the day when I was a little overwhelmed.

What a connection this time, a camera equipment rental service "GooPassSince I had the opportunity to teach the camera owner who runs "," how to shoot the camera, I decided to start the series serially in the first month.

In the first lesson, I would like to learn the basics, "How to take a picture with a camera" and "Take a picture automatically"!

Equipment used this time

As a beginner among beginners, it may be early to buy a camera… So I decided to use the equipment I rented from Camerabu for the camera and lens!

Canon full size latest model Universal shooting set EOS 6D Mark II + 24-70mm F4

The EOS 6D Mark II is a digital single-lens entry model. It is not the latest mirrorless machine, but the advantage is that there are abundant lenses that can be used instead.

This time, thanks to GooPass, we were able to get a coupon with a 30% off rental fee for the first month!
The coupon is posted at the end of the article, so be sure to check it out.

Take a picture automatically

Before taking a picture, let's briefly discuss the different modes.

  • AV mode → A mode in which the F value (brightness) can be adjusted. Others are automatically set.
  • TV mode → A mode in which the shutter speed can be adjusted. Others are automatically set.
  • P mode → F value and shutter speed can be adjusted, but basically it is a mode that automatically shoots
  • M mode→F mode, shutter speed, and other items that you decide and shoot yourself

Except for M (manual) mode, you can decide only the part you want to adjust and let the camera take the rest.

The modern camera is amazing!

How to hold the camera

Before taking a picture, ask them to give a lecture on the basic attitude.

There are three points.
・Right hand has a grip
・Hold the left hand to support the lens from below
・Tighten your armpits.

It is important to attach your left hand to the lens as holding it with one hand will cause camera shake.

↓ Mr. Koizumi, a camerab who serves as a teacher. As you can see, it looks like you are ready!

How to take pictures with beautiful background blur?

If you want to take a picture with a camera, "I want to take a picture with a blurred background" is a feeling!

When I told my teacher, he explained the technique of background blur.This technique seems to work on smartphones!

To blur the background, move closer to the subject!

When taking a picture with a beautiful background blur, it is necessary to be aware of the positional relationship between the "camera," "subject," and "background."

To blur, the camera and subjectnear", the subject and background arefar awayIt is the point to make it easy to blur.

Now, shoot!

Let's start shooting while learning how to attach and replace the lens!

First of all, let the teacher show you how to shoot.

Next, the gadget team will also try shooting.

Koizumi-san is watching over us while maintaining a social distance…!


Here are the photos actually taken.

A pattern in which the subject (camera) and the background are close. As it is a single eye, the background (lens) is near and it is a little blurred, but the contour of the lens is rather clear.

Then, the background is far away. Obviously the background is out of focus than it was a while ago! Even though the brightness setting is not changed with AV Auto, it is amazing that the difference is so far due to the placement!

Next, I will try to blur pictures with my smartphone!

First, a pattern with a close background.

Then, the pattern that shot the background far away. It's not as blurred as the camera, but I was able to blur the background slightly.

iPhone SESo I thought that I could not blur the background other than portrait, but it is very convenient to remember this technique!

This was the first time, so this time I took an auto shot to get used to the camera. Comparing the pictures taken with the SLR and smartphone, the pictures taken with the camera are overwhelmingly good. Increasingly, the heat of taking pictures with the camera has risen!

And learning the background bokeh technique that can be used on smartphones was a great learning experience.

Next time, I would like to study the basic composition of the camera!

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A good camera is expensive, so it's perfect for trying before you buy!

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