"Image Scrubber" that can easily delete Exif information of photos, write and blur


"Image Scrubber" that can easily delete Exif information of photos, write and blur

If you publish the photo taken with your smartphone as it is, information such as the date and time the photo was taken and the name of the device will remain, and there is a possibility that the individual will be identified. In some cases, it may be necessary to blur the subject. In such a case, the browser-based image processing service "Image Scrubber"is. All the processing is completed on the browser, and it is said that the unprocessed photos will not be stored or sent to any server, so I actually tried using it.

Image Scrubber

"Image Scrubber" looks like this. It can be accessed from both PC and smartphone.

Select "Open image" in the upper left and select the image you want to process. It is a basic format for photos taken with a digital camera or smartphone.JPEGBesides the format,PNGFormat orWebPIt also supports formats.

When you open an image, it is first saved in a fileExif informationWill be loaded. This includes the name of the terminal that took the picture, the date and time it was taken, location information, camera settings such as shutter speed and exposure, etc.Filming the scene of the Minneapolis riotWhen uploading the photos taken to SNS, it may be possible to identify who was taking them by combining them with other information. Exif information is deleted by clicking "Scrub Exif Data".

When the information has been deleted, a confirmation dialog will be displayed, so click "OK".

Image editing can be done after processing the Exif information. For example, in the case of a photo that should have been taken in portrait orientation but is lying sideways, click "Rotate Image".

Rotate 90 degrees clockwise with each click.

If you select "Paint", you can write on the image with a brush. If this is OK, you can save it with "Save image".

If unsuccessful, select "Undo" and trace the part processed with the brush in the same way to cancel the processing of the corresponding part.

Blurring can be done with "Blur".

The size of the brush and the strength of the blur can be changed with the slider at the top.

The source code of "Image Scrubber" is available on GitHub.

GitHub-everestpipkin / image-scrubber: A tool for anonymizing photographs taken at protests

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