Impressive quote that I finally heard after playing "Atsumori" for 2 hours / I am the doctor of this forest!

"Atsume ForestIs very popular. Recorded a huge hit all over the world, and sold out in Japan one after another. Currently, it is difficult to obtain both game consoles and software. Nowadays, people who want to refrain from going out will be able to relax the anxiety and anxiety of people at home. I want to try … Atsumori.

──So I'm a little lateAtsume ForestI ordered online. Withdrawal confirmed Good! Good! After all, the heartwarming view of the world is the best, and not only the room is redesigned, but also adults such as fishing are addicted. No, I'm really glad I bought it …

・ Atsumori

"Atsume Forest"Attume Play Pooh -Mori no Takaramono-" is software exclusively for Game Boy Colors. As you all know, Pooh collects picture books and completes the map of his hometown "100 acres of forest". It's a game!

game is"Pooh's homeStart from First of all, after warming up, I'll open the bedroom cabinet and play a mini game. The "honey-picking game" is interesting, but of course the most popular one is "fishing game". I have to catch 25 fish before sunset.

The trick of fishing is "the timing of hanging the thread". When the fish come out of the river, shake the rod and drop the thread. Sometimes caught in fishA turtle makes a facePlease be careful. Turtles are annoying because they can't catch fish Don't rush and just aim at the fish. By nightfall ……

Let's catch fish!

・ It's fun to change the room

After you finish fishing, choose "Redecorating the roomI will also do that. For the time being, I changed the wall clock from "Murasaki" to "Yellow". Because purple is something weird. Yellow is the color of honey, and I'm sure Pooh will be more excited.

・ Depart for 100 acres of forest

Now, after finishing my shoulder break-in at Pooh's home, I depart for "100 acres of forest". In the forestbest friendWe are enjoying our lives. The main story is to play "Sugoroku Game" with them.

For example, "Help Piglet being swept in the river"Games and …

"Escape from Tigger"Clear the game …

Once the picture books are collected,Christopher RobinWill show you a special picture book!

Such a game clears in no time. It is a moving ending. Pooh ’sI'm a skein of this 100 acre forestWill be handed down to future generations as a quote that remains in game history. Congratulations to Pooh, who is banzai with his diploma.

・ It was an overwhelming god game

So, it turned out that the popular game "Atsumori" is a "overwhelming god game" that has only engrossing elements. It's unexpected that I got rid of everything in about 2 hours, but from now on, I will enjoy the mini games. Alright, I'm going fishing now.

Report:Masanori Sunako

Photo: RocketNews24.

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