Improper accounting of listed company in 2019 is 70 companies at a record high on the Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Commerce and industry research on 24 in 2019, the disclosure of listed companies accounting・accounting related to fraud 70 companies・from 73 was announced. The company has launched an investigation since the number of Companies・Number and the largest number in the overseas subsidiaries savvy management talent shortage in China and other overseas subsidiaries and affiliates, and improper accounting of responding to difficulties the relief was.

【Here】“ReFa”or”SIX PAD”of MTG,improper accounting in a substantial downward revision of ¥ 7.5 billion to the deficit

All 70 companies out of the 49 companies in the TSE 1st section. All 73 of us,”wrong”is to 31,”window dressing”is and 28,”embezzlement dressing”has 14 patents in the industry in manufacturing the highest was the.

In 2015 occurred in Toshiba’s improper accounting problem, the FSA and Tokyo Stock Exchange domestic listed companies in governance and compliance to strengthen measures for the development. Also premature, as the introduction is sent, the auditor of the system, such as accounting scandals and to prevent the audit of the reform developed.

On the other hand, in 2019, for example the MTG, but the Shanghai subsidiary that improper accounting certified financial statements significant downward revision. So far this year, the subsidiary of the Toshiba Corporation in fictitious transactions was discovered, such as governance and compliance awareness in listed companies of overseas subsidiaries in improper trading or accounting is unending.

Tokyo Shoko Research, the 2019 Year 1~12 month improper accounting・accounting was announced that listed companies about the survey. Improper accounting of listed companies number of 70 companies [previous year are 54 companies], the number of projects from 73[the same 54 cases], and the company launched an investigation in 2008 and later in 2016 of 57 companies・58 reviews exceeded the record to update. Global deployment on the one hand, overseas subsidiaries and affiliated companies in governance and compliance management, you can not actual picture was.

The listed segment and from emerging markets to inappropriate accounting there was a lot of in 2019, the TSE-1 is 49 the company and the whole of 7 percent accounted for. 2nd the following is the carrier of the 9 companies,the TSE 2 Section 6 of the companies and lasted.

By industry, the manufacturing industry has 30 companies and the largest in the whole of 42. 9%, accounting for the service industry has 11 companies[the same 15. 7 percent]. Manufacturing subsidiaries and sales company manufacturing and sales of management system deficiencies by unauthorized lot to the service sector and employees by embezzling stood out. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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