In 2019, domestic Internet advertising,the first of the 2 trillion yen

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Leading advertising Agency Dentsu is 3 months, 11 days,Japan’s advertising about the situation for”in 2019, the Japanese advertising”toPublished[Smith,CNET Japan].

In 2019, the total costs are estimated at 6 trillion 9,381 million yen [year-on-year 106. 2%], and 8 consecutive years plus grew.

On the other hand,Newspapers, magazines, radio and terrestrial television for so-called”4-medium”of total ad spending is 2 trillion 6,094 billion yen [year-on-year 96. 6%] in 5 consecutive years in decline. Especially the rate of decline was greater for the magazine in the year 91. 0%[1,675 billion], the newspaper year-over-year 95. 0%[4,547 billion], radio is a year-on-year 98. 6%[1,260 million yen], TV year-on-year 97. 3% [1.8 trillion 612 billion] have become.

While Internet ad spending is 2 trillion 1,048 billion yen, a year-on-year 119. 7%and growth. The so-called”4-medium”derived from Internet advertising growth seems to have. Also, outdoor advertising or direct mail, such as”promotional media advertising”is over 2.2 trillion yen or US $ 23.9 billion yen year-on-year 107. 5% and growing. This event and exhibition,images such as the year-on-year 158. 4% significantly increased the impact seems to have.

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