In 2019, the 4th quarter of the world’s smartphone shipments,Apple, 8 quarter of the 1st

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According to IDC estimates, in 2019 the 4th quarter smartphone shipments Apple in 2017 4th quarter since 8 quarter Play Samsung overtook as the No. 1 rising[Press release].

Apple’s shipments in the same quarter of the previous year compared to 540 million units, an increase[7.9%increase] of 7,380 million. Every year, Apple’s shipments of new models have just been released in the 4th quarter the most that is,7, 000 million of the 2017 4th quarter since. The share is also 20. 0%reach in 2012, since Q4 20% of the units. Apple CEO Tim Cook said in the 4th quarter all week in iPhone 11 is a new Model 3 the model in the best-selling and2020 results for the 1st quarter[in 2019 4th quarter] financial results announcementOfCallIn all, the low-cost model is shipments pushed up rates. IDC is rumored that the”SE”new model of the price is budget minded buyers of spot to hit if,the emerging market share can stretch the view as shown.

2nd Samsung is 90 million decrease[1.2 percent] of the 6,940 million units, a 3-position of Huawei is 430 million reduction [4.3%decrease] of 5,620 million. Samsung’s share [18.8%] for the same quarter last year, as Huawei’s share [15.2%]is 1. 0 points decreasing. Huawei’s shipments to decline by 2017 4th quarter since 8 quarters of play. According to IDC Huawei in China remains buoyant in international markets is the latest model of Mate 30 series in the Google service is not available, it is important to do.

In the 4th quarter the most Mature of the 4-position of Xiaomi in the same quarter of the previous year compared to 780 million units, an increase[31.1 percent]of 3,280 million units. Share 8. 9% [2.2 point increase] increased. 5 out of the OPPO than 130 million increase [4.2%increase] of 3,060 million units,share of 7. 9% [0.4 point increase] was. Xiaomi・OPPO Chinese domestic market Huawei pressed to continue from per-country limit are available to applicants from all countries with market focus to continue this growth seems to have. 6 place the sum of 1,350 million decrease[11.3%]of 1 billion 600 million units,the top 5 vendors 71. 2%occupy the state. Shipments will total 430 million decrease[1.1%decrease] of the 3 6 billion,880 million.

In 2019, the annual shipments is Samsung 350 million increase [1.2 percent]of the 2 billion 9,570 million in 1st place, maintaining Huawei is 3,460 million increase [16.8 percent]of 2 4 billion,060 million in Apple surpassing 2nd place for the first time Rose. The 3-position of the Apple is 1,780 million decrease[17.8%decrease] of 1 million 9,100 million units,the top 5 can only have decreased. The 4-position of the Xiaomi 650 million increase [5.5%increase] of 1 billion, 2,560 million,the 5-position of the OPPO is 100 million units, an increase[0.9%increase] of 1 billion to 1,430 million. 6th following a total of 5,960 million decrease[12.9 percent] of the 4 billion 360 million for the full year, the top 5 total share of 70. 6% and 7% of the occupying state. Annual shipments total 3,160 million decrease [2.3%], a decrease of 13 7 billion,100 million,3-year consecutive decrease.

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