In 2019 the HDD market is expanding,with shipments less than 1 per of the price and the storage capacity is on the rise

World HDD of annual shipments, the 5-year consecutive decrease in as[PC Watch].

In 2019 the world of HDD shipments is 3 billion 1763 million units,year-on-year 15. 6% decrease just. Shipping amount is 21.9 billion 5200 million dollars, this is up 11% year over year. 2% decrease. However, 1 is the average price in recent years, the rise in in 2019, the average selling price year-on-year 5. 2%, an increase of 69. 3 dollars and this year, the average selling price is expected to rise as well. Also, the HDD capacity increase, the total cargo capacity year-on-year 5. 0%to 897. 8EB said.

Shipments to decrease data center investment stagnation, etc. affect that.

Incidentally, the SSD is shipped in 2 consecutive years in almost 40% growth and by 2020, the SSD is the number and amount of both HDD overtake and predicted [PC Watch].

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