In 2019, the labor shortage, the number of bankruptcies last year, far below the most updated Teikoku Databank survey

Empire data Bank is 9th in 2019, 1 month and 12 months occurred in underhanded about the bankruptcy collection and analysis of the results announced. During this period occurred in underhanded bankruptcies year-on-year 20. 9%, an increase of 185 cases, with 4 consecutive years in the most updated. Industry in, 54 out of the service sector is the most numerous,with 49 of the construction industry continued. Other,the driver is difficult to secure the road freight industry in relation to the previous year 21. 7%, an increase of 28 deals.

【Here】Enterprises labor shortage, the manufacturing sector dropped significantly in the non-manufacturing sector is unchanged from the Teikoku Databank survey

Aging and veteran employees such as retirement, from various industries, the labor shortage is advancing. In addition, this year 4 months from working the reform bill of 1 year grace period to end for small and medium-sized enterprises also applies, especially small and medium micro enterprises in the recruitment and secure is increasingly difficult and not expected.

In such circumstances,the survey,the Teikoku Databank in 2019 1~12 months occurred in total liabilities 1,000 million or more of bankruptcy, the employees due to lack of bankruptcy subject to the collection and analysis of. A similar survey in 2013 from 7 consecutive years to implement them.

In 2019 occurred in underhanded bankruptcy, the number of 185 cases [year-on-year 20. 9%increase], 4 years in a row increased. By industry, the number of the number from the service industry [54 cases,the year-on-year 31. 7%increase], construction [49 of the 6. 5% increase], transport and communication[33 reviews,the 10. 0%increase] was followed.

Industry to further look at the road freight industry and 28[the 21. 7%increase], and truck driver recruiting・ensure that any bankruptcy case is closed or. Truck drivers, and other building artisans, IT technicians, nursing staff,cosmetologist,esthetician, etc. of specialized personnel about the scale of small businesses・sole proprietors are especially employed to secure and more difficult to bankruptcy, the cause of that was.

In 2019 occurred in underhanded bankruptcy the total debt of 32.6 billion yen [year-on-year 46. 1% increase], here is also a record high. The liabilities scale in another 1 billion yen less than the number of bankruptcies for the entire 54. 6%to 5 billion yen less than in the whole of 93. 5%, respectively, accounting for the labor shortage of bankruptcy, the majority of continue to small and medium-sized businesses that are experiencing the current situation is highlighted in the second half of the year. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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