In 2019 the number of bankruptcies during the financial crisis since 11 years, Tokyo Shoko Research survey

Tokyo Shoko Research is 14 days,by 2019 1 month from 12 month nationwide occurred in the bankruptcies of the situation analysis and the results were presented. The number of bankruptcies is 8,383 cases of the previous year 8,235 from 1. 79% and the Lehman shock of 2008, the year since 11 years, year-on-year increase. This out of listed companies bankruptcy on January 1, applied for civil rehabilitation law system based only in the number of bankruptcies for the entire 99. 9% of small businesses have accounted for. The total debt is 1 trillion 4,232 billion yen in the previous year 1 trillion 4,854 billion yen from 4. 18%decrease in 30 years and most had less.

【Here】In 2019, the labor shortage, the number of bankruptcies last year, far below the most updated Teikoku Databank survey

Tokyo Shoko Research analysis according to the results in 2019, the year of corporate bankruptcies number of cases exceeded the previous year’s results,the Lehman shock of 2008, the year since 11 years increased. In Japan, after the collapse of the bubble economy in the 1990s Spanky, Alfalfa, Buckwheat, Darla, stymie, Porky, Petey the dog around the number of bankruptcies is rapidly expanding at the time, unlike in 2019 is the successor absence, such as labor shortages and bankruptcies stood out.

Specifically, the labor shortage related to the bankruptcy of the 426 cases reported in the previous year 387 from significantly increasing,the survey started from 2013 onwards in the most of aging is continuity of the barrier that the status quo is carved in relief and was.

Industry, the service industry of the number of bankruptcies is 2,569 cases [year-on-year 2. 2%increase], with the highest number of the construction industry 1,444 cases [the same 0. 9 percent], retail trade of 1,230 [the same 8. 6%increase] and lasted.

The consumption tax impact is noted the service sector and retail to fine look,the food & beverage industry in the number of bankruptcies last year of the 740 from the 799 cases to apparel products such as the retail business is the last year of the 199 cases from 236 to respectively increase. The construction industry is approximately 4,500 cases were from 2008 consistently lower continued but this time in 11 years the year-on-year in the PLUS to turn.

National 9 districts, Shikoku, Tohoku, Kyushu and the number of bankruptcies year-over-year in 2-digit increase, as the Kanto region for the first time in 10 years, Kinki is 2 years increased. On the other hand, Hokkaido and Central Japan last year by the number of bankruptcies was less.

Number of bankruptcies that in 11 years increase in the shifting of large bankruptcies for the total debt over the past 30 years, the least amount was. In fact, bankrupt companies out of the 74. 0%employees 5 people less than micro enterprises and listed companies, the bankruptcy of the user[carrier]of 1. for was only. [Article: dailyst・The article list to look at]

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