In 2020, 2 on passenger vehicle sales,ranking top for”Toyota size”

The 2020 2 on sales of 9,979 units in 1 month of 1 million 220 units followed by the Toyota・Drive. Sister car Daihatsu・Rocky of about 3 thousand units of sales, combined with the small SUV’s popularity proves. This 2 units is appeared when you hit from a hunch, the market price of a good size and well thought out package,the Daihatsu and the Toyota MR [market research]the power of come.

【Mom】By 2020 1 January new vehicle sales last year and is something different the car name another sales rankings

In addition, recent Toyota of Build Quality take. At the same time that have hit the Corolla’s popularity is also high, for that reason look at that,”driving high performance”is seen.

City Ride is the handle of the trace for their ability to stand out, but this is the conventional Toyota vehicles is not accurate feel. Until then, focusing on the ride”soft can”, and feel for Toyota’s hand was a ring, but the recent suspension set up,ride and race high performance of both seems not to have succeeded.

Also, at one point”Driving Assist system reluctant”and the mass media to condemn The been Toyota, but it’s on them to prove that, like the safe driving support system offers you.

Software update is a easy thing to do, and different automobiles the mechanism of renewal is the”sensor”of performance being influenced by many of the companies driving support system of the performance difference between the catalog view from the See Through is difficult. The same emergency braking, even at night performance and move people to be aware of such as the probability that a sensor I by the performance difference only. This is actually a test imagine, if you don’t.

The market is the small SUV’s popularity is high, the Toyota RAV4 from the”rough road running ability, emphasis on the”launch the Suzuki Jimny and have considerable off-road ability are given. But it’s to soon to try hard for a permanent rough road course test drive the opportunity to the retailers site, if available,the performance difference between the review that should not be missed.

Toyota・the size is 195/65R16・Daihatsu・Rocky 195/60R17 tires is much better off-road performance that would have appeared. With the addition of this equipment in the vehicle dry weight: 1 ton cutting which is fine.

On the other hand,everyday life in the city ride performance and high-speed performance and a fairly high performance shows that from Toyota and Daihatsu・Rocky is selling not without. The noise level of Toyota・Harrier etc and compare it to high is if I know you would. What would easily price in the most the performance of the produce from. [Article: kenzoogata・The article list to look at]

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