In 23 years of large-scale geothermal power plant in Akita Prefecture of 山葵沢 start driving in


Yuzawa City, Akita Prefecture of 山葵沢 geothermal power plants is 20 days,started driving. Output 1 million kilowatts over large-scale geothermal power plants running in Japan in 23 years in 4 cases the eyes, the domestic No. 4 of the scale of geothermal power plants and.

Currently, in Japan geothermal power generation the total power generation installed capacity is approximately 534 megawatts of Japan’s total power generation capacity of about 0. 2%, a relatively low rate. But geothermal resources and most of the United States, Indonesia, the rich are 火山列島 to Japan, and reserves the total amount is approximately 2. 3 Giga Watts said.

Japan geothermal power plant installation is progressing, this was not the reason is mainly one of the 2 said to be. The resource area is National Park or quasi・national parks as specified in the examples are many, and Geothermal Resources is already in hot springs and developed it, and for competing,and so on.

Of these the latter anyway, in recent years, the development of geothermal power in order to actively should flow from national and quasi・national parks designated as areas of the geothermal power plant construction in 2012, construction of the liberalization such as deregulation progressed. Currently, in Japan, the number of megawatt-class the following medium・small geothermal power plan is numerous to say.

I started driving 山葵沢 geothermal power plant is geothermal power generation facilities engineering, procurement and construction works in charge of Toshiba’s energy system in some way. Since 1966 geothermal steam for the steam turbine・generator development by companies,geothermal power generation for turbine share of the world’s top 23%. The power plant’s operation is the Yuzawa geothermal funds, guarantees support for oil, gas and Metals National Corporation [JOGMEC] is made.

Incidentally, 山葵沢 geothermal power plants power generated is the total amount of power sold to it. [Article: Fujisawa 文太・The article list to look at]

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