In Europe,diesel vehicles reduction in carbon dioxide emissions by 3 consecutive increases

In Europe diesel car sales are rapidly declining, and the impact of carbon dioxide emissions have continued to rise as[The Nikkei xTECH].

In Europe, automobile for carbon emissions imposed regulations that limit severely have fuel economy and efficiency diesel engines are widely popular. But diesel engines are nitrogen oxides and particulate matter [PM]and other emissions and do not require. Volkswagen[VW], etcThe exhaust gas regulations to escape such a system has been introduced forIt was discovered that the diesel engines environmental impact and the height of the watchful eye from, and unit sales declined. Instead, non-diesel gasoline engine car sales increased by said.

Also, the carbon dioxide emissions for electric vehicles [EVS] are being promoted, yet the number of sales is less,as a result as a whole, carbon dioxide emissions tend to increase this.

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