In more than 40 years, the mileage is 30,000 kilometers! Shiny Datsun 240Z at auction before restoration

One of Japan's most famous cars is the Datsun 240Z [North American Fairlady Z240]. While keeping the price down, it is one of the most popular cars in the world for its performance, power and beauty of its body style. The North American version of the Datsun 240Z has been in production since 1969, and most of the existing vehicles have been slightly restored. Meanwhile, one of the conditions similar to a new car has been exhibited at a non-restored car auction site in the United States.

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The story of the car was presented by a Datsun dealer in Indiana who presented it to celebrate his son's graduation, but did not drive much. It is not because he was not interested in the car and did not run, but because he valued it. Last year, the dealer's staff had been doing a lot of maintenance until the owner died, so this is a great condition.

His mileage was only 21,750 miles [about 30,000 km] and he never went outside except on a sunny day. Of course, the racing green color is genuine, and the three-spoke steering wheel, carburetor, hoses, floor mats, etc. are all original. In addition, all the documents are available, and you can see how they have been treated like treasures.

In order to exhibit, the tires and oil were also changed, making the condition even better. The price as of January 21 [the remaining 9 days] is $ 65,000. I'm looking forward to how much it will be priced in the end.

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