In response to the question “How do we resolve when conflicts arise, such as disagreements?”, The Masai warrior answered: / Masai News: 321

spa! I am happy. I am happy that everyone in Japan is thus interested in the Masai.Request boxI'm really happy to ask you questions. So, the current questioner is Mr. Ruruko.

QI think that Maasai members may also have a fight. How do you resolve conflicts such as conflicts of opinion?"

Yes, there is. It ’s because it ’s going to be a deadly conflict. But it's bigger or smaller, there is only one solution.First, discuss.But if that doesn't work …

Have the elder judge.

This is it. If there is no elder there, get the oldest man to get in and get it in. If you are, you should have a grandpa or grandma in between to hear your opinions.

・ Experience value [Exp] is all

The reason why I ask older people is that they have definitely gained more experience than we do. Young people may be more advantageous in terms of physical strength and instantaneous power. ButEven if the “experience value” is turned over, it does not suit the elderly.We and the Masai respect the elderly, including the elders.

By the way, Go [Hatori] asked, “How about a fight between couples?”The answer is the same.The answer is, “Speak first, and if that does n’t help, let the elderly get in and calm down.” Good Luck. Oleseri!

Report:Luka [Masai]

Super translation:GO Hatori

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