In Shikoku ground of the Super・Fuji,Hiroshima Prefecture, is super・nice, energetic acquisition to

China Shikoku district to the ground and super vision, the Hiroshima Prefecture of mid-level super・new area to acquire revealed. New agent company split is a super business to inherit the same name of the new company,the new company acquired all of the shares of all the wholly-owned subsidiary of new Edge is ground to Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture,Mihara city, such as to enhance the sales of AIM.

【Here】Super of the Hiroshima Prefecture in moving the sales expansion into the

Fuji and the new area is 14 days to the share transfer agreement. New energy is 3 Months 2 days a new company will be,free is 7 on 1 day to acquire all the shares. The acquisition amount is not disclosed. Fuji and the new area is the capital or personnel relationship there was.

Fuji a wholly-owned subsidiary of your company name or store name,headquarters and address is not changed prospects. New energy assets and liabilities are assumed to not only recovery for the approximately 700 employees who continue to be employed. Fuji in 2020, FY2 earnings impact immaterial as that.

New area in 1962,Matsunaga Housewives of retailer,in 1970, the company changed its name to new area changed. Capital: 5,000 million yen,Fukuyama City, headquartered in”New Energy”,”Food Garden Initiative area”, the”colony energy”of a trade name in Fukuyama-City, 6 shops, Mihara City 3 shop, Hiroshima city,Onomichi each 1 store food super total of 11 stores operated. In 2019, 5 year on year sales of 90 billion to 1,900 million yen.

The city of”the Grand 緑井”,it’s”The situated in Hatsukaichi stores”such as Hiroshima, in the 20 stores, but, Fukuyama and Mihara city is 1 store one and the store network in the field had become. For this reason, a community-based store operations continue to check the area to keep. On the other hand, new energy is Stores and competing supermarkets such as competition intensified,sales rose approximately 1% to decrease, such as some struggled to keep the store said that. [Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at]

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