In the early 80's, it had already marked a top speed approaching 400km / h! | Zero-based racing machine developed for Le Mans Dome RL81 Vol.1

The world's most watched Japan's first sneaker, "Dome Zero", has been aged since it was put on the market at the Schneaf Show.

And I want to hone my skills through tough races. The highest peak of the sports car race was Le Mans 24 hours. With the goal of participating in this race, the chance suddenly appeared.

It was brought in that Dome-Zero and a scale-model of race-specification based on it, and it was decided to use Leroy's royalties to challenge Le Mans in 1979.

レ ー It was manufactured as a race-racing machine, and it took two cars, Sekken 6 and Sekken 7, or stepped on the Le Mans soil.

Naming is Domu Zero RL. Alpha Head's "RL" was an acronym for Raceinc Le Mans.

The power unit was also used in F1 and chose the highly reliable Fort 8 V8 and DFV units.

79In 1979, when he first entered the race, he took on two sets at the 47th tournament. Kay, C.Craft / G.Swiss and T.Trimmer / B.Ehance have both been resigned by Le Mans witches.

In the next 80 years, we sent the modified RL80. At this time, he sent in a C / Craft / G.Swiss team, but in qualifying he was seventh, and in the finals he was running fast. In 25th place, he completed his first run.

This was the first Japanese car to finish with Matsuta who ran together.

童 Emotional Dome sends RL81, which has reached the stage of maturity, in the third year of the challenge. There is no major change in mechanism.

In the end, he renewed the Color Link and challenged Le Mans with a new feeling. As before, the tastes resembled Dome Zero.

Domu RL81 behind
Even now, it looks dignified and elegant. The long straight of 6km marked a top speed approaching 400km / h, which is surprising.

Dome on RL81
From above, it can be seen that many slits or holes are provided for cooling the brakes and the engine. Also equipped with headlamps to run at night. Open the middle cover to the rear of the cockpit.

Number of RL81
The driver is a combination of Chris Craft and Barn Evans. Above the number is a license to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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