In the Kansai region in 2017 witnessed a huge Shooting Star,cause an asteroid breakup of the National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan on the 15th,in 2017 the Kansai region, as it witnessed a huge Shooting Star, and the asteroid breakup that occurred during what turned out to be announced. A shooting star asteroid to be separated from the mechanism. by examining a celestial collision to defend the Earth from which measures that.

【Here】12 billion years ago collided with an asteroid,a crater without relying on the point of falling to a British study

■Flow of star birth mechanism

Shooting star[meteor]is outer space, the dust hit the Earth when air friction by the light phenomenon. Dust a diameter of a few millimeters at the meteor as observed. This is the number of centimeters to Venus than bright”fireball”as confirmed.

The meteor is the cause of the Lord, the comet close to the sun when ICE released from that substance. On the other hand, the asteroid is the cause of the meteor is also present. But comets and different evaporation components for asteroids from the meteor is born mechanism that questions remain as.

■Asteroid breakup in the birth of the fireball

National Astronomical Observatory, researchers such as group of the year 2017, 4 on 29 November in the Kansai region, such as observed in the fireball of the data analysis. Domestic in 12 locations and Fireball observations from the image path to the calculated results,Earth approaching asteroids”[164121]2003YT”of the orbit and nearly matches that turned out. This is the fireball from the asteroid emitted to suggest that.

Retail planet is big and small 2 two celestial bodies, each other around each double asteroids, and 1 was a celestial body is the rotation speed of the rise in the division as expected. Over the past 1 million years is less than the division that asteroids from the meteor body to go with it,the fireball trajectory and consistent and considered.

Fireball the degree of meteor in case of a collision even if the impact on the global environment is not. But the larger meteors and asteroids hit the Earth, it is Earth in serious damage and not expected. Therefore, asteroids approaching Earth monitoring, and asteroids from the substance is released to understand the mechanism of the Earth helping protect the important that.

Details of the study, the US astronomy magazine are welcome to use Internet access and a conference room Journal on the 13th listed. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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