In the manufacturing of AI use in Europe to lead the investigation

Cap Gemini・Services・Security Survey Report”Scaling AI in manufacturing operations: A p ractitione rs’ perspective [manufacturing operations AI scaling:practitioner perspectives]”, according to the manufacturing of AI the use of Europe as it was found.

【Here】Manufacturing robots, and AI・human cooperative robot, such as the rapidly expanding labor shortage, etc. in the background

According to the survey, Europe’s leading global manufacturers more than half of manufacturing operations to the AI, and the United States of 28%,China 11%, compared to a high percentage of become. Especially in Germany, 69% of AI is employed. The manufacturing companies have the AI consider introduction of the Get Started From The”Intelligent maintenance”,”product quality control”,”demand planning”of 3 points in the discussions in the coming years.

Cap Gemini research, with the French IT tanks the company the internal tank only. Large existing business of digital technology, impact on study, and the results of the report as published.

In this study, the automobile, the built, consumer goods, aerospace & defense industry 4 one of the industry’s top 300 companies, against the current during the test or the implementation of AI for the implementation of the study. Also, the senior Executive over 30 people to interview is also conducted. As a result, operational cost reduction, productivity improvement and quality improvement, the AI is great potential found to have.

For example, food products company Danone is a demand variability forecast to AI and the use of the prediction error by 20%, the loss of sales opportunities by 30%, reduction to be successful. Also, tire manufacturers, Bridgestone is the AI using a new Assembly system, with the introduction of the product uniformity by 15% or more improved.

In the report,”Product Quality Control”,”Intelligent maintenance”,”demand planning”3 of the AI to the easiest to implement and biggest investment you can make a profit areas and cites. On the other hand, the AI of the first after the introduction to expand the scale of the challenges also pointed out. [Articles:not for・The article list to look at]

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