In the room where the signs of Z officials line up! | Fairlady Z women's large gathering! All Fair Lady Z Meeting 2019 1

The lady on Fairlady Z is nice. At the venue of the ADVAN All Fair Lady Meeting where such wonderful women gather, we conducted interviews exclusively for female owners. Special feature on female owners riding Fairlady Z!

2007 Fairlady Z version ST

Sakurako has become a very famous woman as a Z-ride woman. Her car has a distinctive premium Passionate Orange that stands out, but the most distinctive feature is the number of Z-related autographs drawn without any gaps. I can no longer understand the color of the interior. The room is like a toy box, full of successive Z minicars and plush toys. Her goal this time is to have Shiro Nakamura, the most renowned Japanese car designer abroad, draw the Z picture.

It is said that it is a favorite color of the passionate orange limited to the latter model of the Z33.

It is easy to think that it was all painted because of its unusual color, but it is a genuine pure color. He emphasizes on the original, and wants to continue riding as it is. This time, the fashion was tailored to the car, as we had previously announced.

The room where the space for drawing is steadily disappearing. The past Fairlady Z minicars on the dashboard are cute. In addition, the number of stuffed animals is not odd.

Shiro Nakamura's handwritten Z33 design. This is an athletic girl who removes the backdoor trim and carries it with Shiro to draw this.

1993 Fairlady Z 300ZX

In fact, "Kona" was interviewed at the ADVAN All Fairlady Z meeting two years ago. But when I asked if the body color was slightly different, I was happy and said, "I've painted all." Of course, the national character drawn on the carbon bonnet remains as before. Also, unlike her appearance, she loves the outdoors and will go camping anywhere with this car. Many women on the Z ride have a long possession. She is likely to join.

In fact, equipped with a blinker that flows. It is a woman who likes hard customization, such as wearing a diffuser at the front and rear.

Wheel is impulse. We match vine exactly. It's a well-balanced, well-finished Z32.

A deep steering boss eases her petite seat position.

A carbon bonnet with characters from a certain national anime.

1995 Fairlady Z Twin Turbo

Originally, the body color of NA's Z32 Fairlady Z had a blue car, but I really wanted a twin turbo and purchased this car two years ago. Later, the blue Z32 was scrapped and all the parts I liked were transplanted. It is said that the love of the two Z32s became one when they became one. Basically, it is important to keep it genuine, but it is said that it is not able to win the charm of the deep rim wheel and is wearing it.

Kaz likes plating deep rim wheels.

The vehicle itself, including the engine, is intended to last a long time without much modification. The muffler is also equipped with barnacles that are not explosive.

The blue parts attached to NA's Z32 are scattered around the vehicle. It is the best one made by combining two favorite parts.

The cuppit remains normal and clean.

Wheels are Rayton's Payton Place Wing. It is the owner's favorite deep rim wheel with beautiful plating.

Hachimaru Hero vol.54 July 2019 [All contents in the article are as of the time of publication]
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