In the U.S. from major Central banks【Record・column]

*08:58JST in the U.S. from major Central banks【Record・column] The world’s major Central banks to cut rates in competition to a halt, has spread. The U.S. Federal Reserve [the FED]has 4 meeting to learn the policy rate unchanged at likely. However, the results identify the target and toward 2020, with an easing bias to change them.

The FED 12 March 10-11, hosted by the Federal Open Market Committee[FOMC], 7 from March 3 meeting continued reductions in the policy interest rate to forgo the policy. In fact, 11 month 27 date published in the 7-9 month term the gross domestic product[GDP] preliminary estimates from the revised and Thanksgiving clear Black online shopping is the record-high sales record. The last 10 months meeting was shown for the time being wait and see attitude, the economic indicators is possible.

Market participants, many of the FED policy rate to the 2020 mid-deferred and in…… However, Powell chair is”data up”and repeatedly stressed. Proceedings, such as in the officials opinion the difference is clear, but 2% below the level of inflation, sluggish growth conscious in terms of match all. Ease of direction, while leaving the policy of evaluating the outcomes for for to consider and understand.

NZ Reserve Bank to it follow suit or dressed in. Why the Junior high silver 11 on 13 days of the regular meetings in the market, contrary to the expectations of policy rate expectations. 6 months and 8 months of interest rate cuts to evaluate the effect of the same situation from response to prepare and. The same of Oceania Australian Reserve Bank is 12 months 3 days after the meeting in a statement”if needed, further monetary easing will be”, as additional relief, including leave.

12 month 12 days the expected European Central Bank [ECB]Council Lagarde Governor after the inauguration of the first meeting, the Governor that prior to the European Parliament in the testimony of a relaxed attitude to”change not”and stated it. The ECB is 9 month 17 days at the Council of Draghi before the Governor, of reductions in the policy interest rate and asset purchases to resume,forward guidance change has been made. 12 on the status quo and and those dovish members join in easing policy will follow.

ECB Governing Council on the same day as the General election is carried out in the UK after the election, Carney British Governor of the Central Bank of the position to undertake deserves. Underfoot in manufacturing and construction, such as the Purchasing Managers Index [PMI] of economic activity expansion,reduction milestone of 50% or below, the deceleration trend is clear. The monetary policy Committee [MPC]has cut rates of opinion started to appear. “The agreement not be leaving the EU of”confusion break is expected that,after the turn of the year,growth policies are needed to it.

Ease of flow that they are the best at what they do, and what they do best, and US-China trade talks in the next year 1 January of the portion of the agreement immediately. However, Hong Kong and the human rights of the American China to the pressure of the bilateral relations to a subtle shadow and a US President that you agreed not to hurry with the thinking that shows such as the destination after problem. Trump the leading of the bluff as to whether to view minutes from the major Central banks in policy evaluation, and the political situation also for you.
[吉池 Wei]

* They are also author’s personal view is,our view does not represent. 《SK》

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