In-vehicle motor,the corona in the automotive market slowing electric demand, in our opinion, the prospect of 30 years to a 56 billion market

By 2020 EV and PHV with little environmental impact, such as Eco-Car,Next-Generation vehicles, Chinese market as a driver of world growth is expected to be there was. However, in the last 12 months from Wuhan, China stemming from a new coronavirus infection global epidemic in China, the world car market significantly slows down things have become.

22 days to Yano Research Institute is the vehicle the motor of the world market concerning the results of the investigation will be made public, but according to this vehicle motor of the global market for new vehicle sales based in 18 year is about 32 million 3700 million is estimated to be 17 years of about 31 million 5300 million, compared with 102. 7%and moderately growing.

19 years in the world of car sales itself is a US-China trade war and the UK of leaving the EU such as trade, environmental degradation against the background of negative growth and the in-vehicle motor market is also 32 billion 2900 million just one year before cracking is expected to do. The CNN Freedom Project: ending modern-day slavery-20 years, the new corona virus infection effects of the pandemic at 30 million 5900 million and to be significantly below the previous year’s level is expected.

New Corona pandemic by the automotive market itself the downturn of the automotive motor demand also have a great impact on the prospects of, the Electric is a global trend, and the future of the motor with an increased number of trend that is definitely expected. However, in the corona in the world of traditional performance and prospects than a slowdown in growth and Outlook.

The world of auto sales in the ICE(internal combustion engine), the proportion is 18 years, about 95%, but the future is EV and PHV, such as xEV(electric car)by the rise of ICE’s share of the decrease is considered. But on the other hand, India and Africa such as the economic development of significant areas of the automobile demand is expanding rapidly,relatively cheap ICE car to the demand is strong rest,ICE needs immediately is lost is not expected. Behind this background,the automobile sales recovery in the ICE needs peak and xEV is in full swing promoting the adoption of the 25 ~ 30 age and the report predicts.

The report is xEV’s global sales to 30 years 1787 million units expects it to grow good…….. From to 1 unit of the motor for a car equipped with an increasing number of consideration,a vehicle motor of the global market in 25 years is 39 million 3700 million,30 years to 56 billion 6300 million to expand the scale of and expected. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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