Inagaki, et al. “New Map” and Nakai's “First Co-star” Reality

Following the release of Johnny's office at the end of March by Nakai Masahiro [47], media with Goro Inagaki [46], Tsuyoshi Kusanagi [45], Shingo Katori [43], which had been difficult as a "new map", had been difficult to date. Co-starring has become a reality.

After April, when Nakai started activities independently, a tug-of-war by a TV station etc. is expected to start to realize “ first co-starring '' with three people, and officials said that “ Co-starring with four people Considering the nature of Nakai, it would be difficult. It would be a combination of Nakai and any of the three. "

Some say that it is likely that the ban on co-starring will be realized at AbemaTV before the terrestrial broadcast. The three have a regular program on the TV called "7.2 New Another Window" [the first Sunday of every month], and the official said, "Net TV has a high degree of freedom and a sense of speed. If Nakai appears as a guest, co-starring with four people is not unnatural. "

* Nagi is the old font in front of the bow hen and a sword below it

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