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Includes laptop mount. Thunderbolt 3 Certified Bus Powered Portable SSD Case-Engadget Japan

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Get the world's first Thunderbolt 3 certified bus-powered portable SSD case "OWC Envoy Express" in Japan at the fastest speed!

★ First ever! Pocket-sized storage solution

OWC ENVOY EXPRESS is the world's first THUNDERBOLT™ certified bus-powered drive case that makes SSD replacement easy.

The 10.2 inch Thunderbolt™ 3 cable is fixed to the case and ready to use.

The body is shorter than a ball-point pen, weighs only 93.5g even with a drive, has excellent heat dissipation and quietness, and black anodized aluminum protects data. It is a strong ally of remote work!

★ 2280 M.2 NVMe SSD with larger capacity than current products and expected to appear in the near future can be easily replaced

Envoy Express is designed to support 2280 M.2 NVMe SSDs, such as the drive with the maximum capacity of the explosion-speed SSD "OWC Aura SSD" up to the current 4.0TB, as well as 8.0TB coming in the near future. , 16TB and larger capacity drives can be easily retrofitted.

★ Transfer rate is a maximum of 1,553MB/s in actual measurement. Back up, play and edit faster, anywhere.

Envoy Express is capable of up to 1553MB/s [300% faster than USB 3.0 connection, 50% faster than USC-C connection!] and ultra-fast continuous data transfer.

With it, you can back up your ever-growing number of photos and music, share files, play your favorite games and movies, edit up to 8K videos, and work with you remotely, and Make it faster.
Moreover, because it is faster than the internal drive of the machine.

★ Includes slide mount that can be used in narrow spaces without disturbing

With the spread of remote work, it may be more necessary than ever to work in cafes, on the knees on the go, or on cramped airplane tables. There aren't enough power outlets in those places, and there's not enough room for external drives.

Envoy Express is the industry's first Thunderbolt™ 3 bus powered drive case, so no power adapter is required.

In addition, a laptop mounting system has been incorporated!

Removable adsorptive gel and lightweight, durable, sliding plastic holders secure Envoy Express to the back of your Mac or laptop screen with Thunderbolt™ 3 ports. It is easy to replace or remove and does not leave adhesive residue or scratches.

★ Other usage is up to you

  • Buy the latest explosive SSD and integrate it into Envoy Express

  • Reuse old SSD when upgrading SSD such as PC in Envoy Express

  • It is used to retrieve the files on the broken PC.

Whatever you use it, OWC Envoy Express gives you the power to do it.

★ Reliable support

In addition to the guarantee of the manufacturer OWC of the United States, this product has a domestic regular distributor E Frontier guarantee.
In case of trouble, you can receive repair and exchange and support maintenance in Japan, so it is safe.


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