Increasing virtual presence

The rental offices and shared office followed the popular approach of the”virtual office”and the like. Bite said,”address and phone number”is a rental office. Rental mailing address corporate registration is possible[the case mostly].

【Here】Share office of the increase the changes of the Times reflects that

Start-up companies and self-employed and the workplace[interiors,desks, chairs and other fixtures]unnecessary from the cost from this and that. Because operators[building owner] by service variance is not possible, however.

★Business card address・[landline]number is possible.

★Received mail storage and forwarding, and the phone can notify the mobile phone transfer is possible.

★Move the phone into a mobile transfer if this is not possible, the Secretary [employee] posing as the person who is answering.

Such as building owners of the availability measures in an effective means. Extreme and owner of the investment is at best, post the installation of much more. Start-up companies on the monthly burden of several thousand yen, but also win win.

The world of 中早 People sweet things in the matter of fact. Virtual office operated by the owner, The told.

“We from the virtual office opened to explain to the Bank and the user Bank account set up on suffered from. Especially in the last 6 months, enforced money laundering laws, the demand for Bank side got tighter. Users of the 1 company in operation an accident happened, the virtual office lending situation in NG is good.

Our side and even if the initial investment is limited by the user’s selection and screening is enough to be careful. Is we and the Bank between over of arises from.

An accident occurs pre-virtual office business regarding the description, even if the Bank Inspectorate that the case can be heard. So in case“practical realities”to cover for us in a small conference room 1 Hotel, but the Desk・chair 1. the is prepared and all, but it’s not. The virtual office should be slightly out of this”.

Work the reform from the perspective of, the building owners and virtual office management is the charm there is also a”pain”and the like.

Leading in the corner,one stop business center are available. “Address lending””mail forwarding”phone”mobile transfer”the 3 Pillars. Monthly fees are tax excluded 4,800 yen from. 1 hour 2000 yen from the meeting rooms provided. Currently, across the country in 30 offices. Virtual office,as described above, the problems result from the presence is steadily rising and beginning is seems. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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