India's smartphone market-Xiaomi takes top spot from Samsung

Five years ago, you couldn't imagine Samsung, a world leader and popular in India, falling from the top in the Indian smartphone market. Samsung's brand recognition was impressive. The distribution was huge and the product was ambitious. Nevertheless, a small Chinese company called Xiaomi, which was little known at the time, quietly entered the Indian market and secured its market base in 2016. Until then, the presence of Xiaomi in India was not as noticeable in China, and indeed, the name of the poor iPhone was widespread.

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What became the key to Xiaomi's strategy was the onlineFlash saleIt is. The strategy is really brilliant, and the low-cost model "RedmiWas welcomed by Indian consumers. Despite being priced between $ 100 and $ 200, it has all the features that are likely to be found in popular $ 500-class smartphones, so it's quickly available in the Indian marketsensationWas caused. Market share also began to increase, reaching 3% in 2016, but was still only a small fish before Samsung, which has a 25% share. With only a small part of India going online, and few consumers shopping online, Xiaomi, who was online-only, was only recognized as a strange company. It's unconventional, somewhat cheap, and doesn't even stand on the same playing field as Samsung.

That situation has definitely changed. And quickly. Currently, Xiaomi has swallowed around 28% of the Indian market, overtaking Samsung with a 25-26% share. Of course, calculating where is higher than what doesn't make much sense in the world of rapidly changing commodity products. Most of the increasingly commodity products are assembled from ready-to-procure and ready-to-use parts, such as cameras, processors, and gorilla glass. Market experts base their shipments on evaluating the smartphone market, but the average is based on the value of the smartphone. Today's top may be behind tomorrow. Still, Xiaomi is steadily gaining market share, like a relentless car, while Samsung is still staying at the same market share, up and down a few percent. Why did such a cataclysm occur in such a short period of time?

答 え The answer you can immediately think of is price. Now,Indian marketMore than 66% of these are made up of Chinese smartphones. But Xiaomi was the first to launch attractive smartphones at an incredibly low price for Indian consumers. Consumers rushed to sites such as Flipkart and fortunately won the first-come-first-served click battle to get Xiaomi's smartphone. Anyway, a littleTens of thousands disappeared from online stores in eight secondsIt is.

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