Indispensable to win the investment! The power to believe

◆ We live in chaos
Investment is not a religion, but what is surprisingly important is the power to believe. Or have a strong belief.

There are various investment methods and techniques in the world. We live in chaos. With such a good way, with so many people making money, and with such a delicious brand, the success stories of investment are everywhere.

In the information flood, investment beginners who do not have their own axis are washed away. Go and go here and there. And I try to start investing in my own freestyle, taking in only the harsh places.

However, each one is a complete method, but if you collect only parts from here and there, it will be a ridiculous method.

A long-term investor's method like Buffett and a technical method like a day trader are as different as water and oil. With the same stock selection, that of a fund manager and that of a swing trader are completely different.

It's an investment that doesn't give you a good result even if you combine only the pieces that look good in pieces. I can never win with my investment.

◆ Have your own style and model
After all, it is necessary to decide your own investment style, have a model to set an example, and establish rules.

And it's also useful to decide what you're banning so that you don't let it go if it doesn't fit your style [for example, don't look at individual stocks, don't trade short-term, don't do margin trading].

It is also wise to ignore investment information that is of a different style. It's actually stupid to absorb everything, use it for anything, and try to become familiar with everything.

◆ Verify that you can trust
Once you have decided on your investment style, you will need to maintain it for at least a few years to get a fair result.

When you hear that emerging market stocks are profitable, you buy them. If you were doing such a dizzying thing, you would generally follow the market and build a pile of losses.

Also, judging the quality of an investment method in a limited short period of time is not a valid evaluation. You can't do anything when the market price is bad, but it is unfair if the result is bad, not because of the market price, but by the method and brand.

On the other hand, if the market is good and the market goes well, if you ask for the method or stock at the time instead of the market, you are likely to reach the wrong conclusion.

Maintain and continue your style of investment, good or bad, for at least a few years, to make your investment style a lifetime.

You can go up and down, stop what's wrong or don't fit, and make adjustments or corrections based on a few years of experience.

What is important in investing is the power to believe. A willingness to persevere in what you believe in while enduring the snow and snow. And if you have the wisdom to change what you need to change, it's even better.

Sentence = Kunihiro Kitagawa [money guide]
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