Individual brand name strategy:the Elecom and Mitsui Fudosan attention

*09:00JST individual brand name strategy:the Elecom and Mitsui Fudosan attention
20th of the US market in the Dow is 128. 05 dollar of 29219. 98, the NASDAQ Composite Index is 66. 22pt cheap 9750. 97 and lower for Chicago Nikkei 225 futures Osaka during the day compared with 15 of the yen’s appreciation 23525 yen and slightly higher. 21 early in the morning the exchange rate is 1 dollar=112 yen 10-20 sen [20 days when time is 111. 39 to the vicinity of the circle]. Today, the Tokyo market continued depreciation of the yen to the likable Toyota<7203>And Honda<7267>Nintendo<7974>Of the Buy is not expected. Also, yesterday a small high was SUMCO<3436>Murata made<6981>Such as electronic components stocks buyers can expect it. For us long-term interest rates decline has progressed, the Mitsubishi Estate<8802>Such as real estate stocks from various … Incidentally, the bullish investment decisions and target price hike was observed Yamazaki bread<2212>JCR Pharma<4552>The sun HD<4626>,Elecom<6750>Mitsui uncertain.<8801>SCSK<9719>Such as attention. 《US》

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