Individual investors as a Corona to the shock of the true enemy is,”now I”word

The new coronavirus infection, the expansion of the Nikkei average 2 million 2000 yen to break through, such as the tone was the Japanese economy to unprecedented fall in prices. Currently in the media this TV article, such as tourism and travel related, manufacturing impact, according to the daily, but this is 5 months after that,the most significant impact is considered to be.

【Here】New Corona prevent the spread of infection to Department stores, mass merchandisers of closed,short across the country

As an investor, Corona shock of the production is”about”and look at me? That is, results based on the”the next movement”only.

Many of the Company 3 at the end of”book closing”to greet. The management of the movement and say SNS is widely spread in the world, but most of the managers have this 1 month is”unexpected”and you should see.

Of course, the”something”was there, so that company within the 1 year or more employees employment as a regular business can only afford to have the company is. For many companies,the fiscal year of the decline from. We just talk about this? How firm I had to re-assemble likely to have.

Travel industry and tourism inbound Association is extensively damaged. However, I was not too affected [do not hold], the company is also offensive is unlikely to continue without a course correction believes is likely.

Investors look to this one company Book financial results for the analysis of power,Corona shock to get over the watershed of that thinking. More the 3 months is up significantly volatile markets to.

“Calm down every look from this losing”and in front of people who have become some of the corona-the shock of the real wave of momentum well I like horror stories increased this morning.

Japan in Japan, struck an unprecedented crisis. To receive the power to have, as long as calmness is just absolutely lose without we can see.

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