Inefficient coal-fired generation facility,by fiscal year 2030 about 100 on the rest, to the abolition

The government phased in the domestic coal-fired power generation to reduce Boeing reaches plane parts deal with Iran The domestic total of 140 on the basis of coal-fired power generation that there is. Of approximately 30 based on the relatively new coal-fired power,CO2 emissions of at least the power generation efficiency is also high. However, the remaining 110 based on the degree of efficiency is bad and we do so. These older coal-fired power generation of 9% of approximately 100, based on the rest of the abolition on the subject and only it[Nikkei,NHK Part 1,NHK Part 2].

These old coal-fired power plants to suspend or repeal such as advance,new regulations by the introduction of renewable energy for switching of transmission lines on use of incentives, such as considering that. Incidentally, coal-fired power generation, and 2018 year the domestic electricity generation accounted for 31%, and the main power supply as well. The government is 2030 fiscal year coal-fired percentage of 26%lower,renewable energy, 24%to about raising prices.

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