"Ingenuity Bureau" TV Tokyo "Online Press Conference"

I participated in a news gathering at TV Tokyo at the end of last month. The twice-yearly social gathering is a valuable opportunity to hear directly about the stations, programs, and potential future interviews with the executives and program producers. You can't rent it out and go as usual. That's why the Public Relations Office gave me an "online press conference" using Zoom.

It's been a long time since TV Tokyo was recognized as a "creation of ingenuity," but that ism seems to have permeated not only the production side but also the clerical staff. On the day, President Ichiro Ishikawa, President Akihiko Tamura of BS TV East, and news correspondents from newspaper companies attended and met on the monitor of the personal computer. From the greetings of the two presidents, the toast of the secretary company, the introduction of the hot programs, etc., the rough process is the same as the usual social gathering, but there is always a mysterious wonder about what is being done at Zoom. It seemed to be hard like a remote conference or web conference, but it was also fun that the top executives of the company answered "soft" questions if they were tough.

Chairman Shigeru Koson also participated from the middle of the meeting. He started his current position in June and talked about changes in his work and how to spend Corona's bruise. I'm not going to give the details because it's an off-the-record meeting, but after a quick chat, he said, "This [=online social gathering] is not interesting at all." His frank speech was the same as it was at the regular president's press conference, which he no longer attends.

It seems to be TV Tokyo where it is usually canceled but where ideas are to be managed somehow. I'm hoping for a world where people can get together and have a social gathering, but if there was the second one… that would be interesting.

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