Inheritance of classic model! Exhibition of the Miura SVJ restored by Lamborghini Porostrico

Until February 9, Lamborghini is exhibiting a valuable car at the classic car show "Retromobile" in Paris, France. It is Lamborghini's only four Miura SVJs, one of which is on chassis number # 4860.

The Miura SVJ was originally made specifically inspired by the Miura Jota. The Iota was built by Bob Wallace as a prototype racing specification to enable racing in Miura based on FIA's Touring Car / GT Car Racing Rules "Appendix J". The # 4860 was ordered by German racing driver Herbert Hahne, who was the importer of Lamborghini in 1973.

Initially, a black body was combined with two-tone leather in white and black, but in 1977 Hane asked Lamborghini to repaint and changed to a silver body. The interior remains intact and still remains. It was kept in Germany until the early 2000s, but was never made public after reaching a Japanese collector.

However, Lamborghini Porostrico, the heritage division of Lamborghini, was aware of the existence of # 4860 and restored it to preserve heritage models. He began by thoroughly examining the archived material at the time and then restored it to its original condition.

At the retromobile, next to the SVJ, a Miura P400 base made of spare parts including suspension and engine is displayed. The technology of Porostorico is poured into this one, and it is calculated to fit all the original dimensions.

Porostrico will hold a tour for classic models from September 10 to 13, 2020. Starting in Brunico, Italy, participants are planning to travel about 350 km through the beautiful Dolomiti Mountains in northeastern Italy, ending in Trentino-Alto Adige. It will also hold events to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Harama and Sea Urchin and 30 years of Diablo.

Lamborghini's aggressive commitment to classic models will keep an eye on 2020.

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