Inouwaki: “Idaten” last torch runner, Yoshinori Sakai, “Culmination”

The broadcast of the 2019 NHK Taiga drama “Idaten-Tokyo Orimpic 噺 [Banashi]”, which was written by Kankuro Miyafuji, was written two more times. The preparations for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics were overwhelmed, and at the 46th “Fire Runner” on December 8, the name of Yoshinori Sakai, a young man born in Hiroshima on the day of the atomic bombing, emerged as the final runner of the Torch Relay To do. The actor Sakai Inouwaki was the third Taiga drama performer after “Taira Kiyomori” [2012] and “Onna Castle Lord Naotora” [2017]. “I am very thankful for the important role of being selected as the final torchbearer of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. My scene is like a culmination of stories, so I feel a little pressure.” I talked to Mr. Inowaki who reveals.

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