Inspired by the musical performance of Yoshio Inoue's "Yume no Yomi"

A public lesson of the musical "Soap Bubble Tonda to Sora" [starring from July 7 to February 2], starring Yoshio Inoue [40], took place at Hibiya Theater Clie in Tokyo on the 6th. The masterpiece of the music theater premiered in 1989, depicting the hard-working youth who aim to be a composer and the people who work hard in pursuit of their dreams.

Inoue said, "It's a miraculous work, it's like a dream to be able to perform, and it's amazing that the work is amazing. Yuko Doi, who played the heroine at the premiere of 31 years ago, said, "A work that was born at the Honda Theater 31 years ago. I told myself that at that time," There are so many people gathering now. " I want to. " Miyuki Saki and Megumi Hamada co-star, with performances scheduled for February in Fukuoka and Osaka Shinkabukiza.

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