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Insta360 ONE R, an action camera with interchangeable lens and sensor, is introduced. 360-degree, wide-angle, Leica co-developed 1-inch device-Engadget Japan version


Insta360 has announced the action camera "Insta360 ONE R".

Insta360 ONE R is an action camera with interchangeable lenses like a single-lens reflex camera. Three types of lenses can be exchanged: a 360-degree shooting lens, a standard wide-angle lens capable of 4K shooting, and a wide-angle lens with a 1-inch sensor capable of 5.3K shooting (5312×2988) jointly developed with Leica. .


The price is 39,600 yen for the 4K version that comes with the standard lens only. A twin version of a 360-degree shooting lens and a standard wide-angle lens costs 59,400 yen. A wide-angle lens version with a 1-inch sensor costs 68,200 yen. All include tax. We have already started accepting reservations.

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Use by combining each part


The biggest feature of Insta360 ONE R is that it combines and uses a "lens", a "body with a processor and liquid crystal", and a "battery". Use a 360-degree shooting lens to shoot 360-degree video, and use a wide-angle lens with a 1-inch sensor to shoot high-definition video.

In addition, since each part is divided, it is possible to update each part as appropriate like a single-lens reflex camera. Existing action cameras will be replaced if you want a new product, but Insta360 ONE R can be upgraded by purchasing additional parts.

Currently, three types of lenses are available: 360-degree shooting lenses, standard wide-angle lenses, and wide-angle lenses with a 1-inch sensor.

The 360-degree shooting lens can easily shoot landscapes in all directions. In addition to supporting 5.7K video shooting and 7K (6080 x 3040) still image shooting, it is also possible to shoot "Barrett Time (slow motion video)", which became famous for avoiding bullet bridges in the movie "Matrix". In addition, it is possible to preview the 360-degree video being shot on the touch screen of the main unit in real time.

The standard wide-angle lens can shoot at 4K @ 60fps, and supports 8x slow motion, time lapse, and time shift. The focal length equivalent to 35 mm is 16.4 mm.

The wide-angle lens with a 1-inch sensor is a lens jointly developed with Leica. It is rare for an action camera to be equipped with one sensor (RX0 II is installed), and it is said that the details are beautiful and strong in dark places. It can shoot at 5.3K 30fps and 4K fps, and the focal length equivalent to 35mm is 14.4mm.


Both lenses are equipped with "FlowState," which allows you to shoot smooth, less shaking videos as if they were mounted on a gimbal, even when mounted on a handheld or shaking vehicle. In addition, it is equipped with "Night Shot" that automatically corrects visual noise with HDR video and AI-based algorithms, and it is also strong in dark places. Furthermore, it corresponds to IPX8 waterproof standard without a waterproof case.


In addition, you can take a selfie while checking the image by attaching the core with the touch screen to the front.

You can edit both 360-degree videos and ordinary videos together

The Insta360 ONE R app has an editing function called “flash cut AI editing”. By selecting a video clip you have taken and selecting a theme such as food, city view, travel, etc., it automatically edits music and video to create an integrated video. This is a function of the thumb-sized ultra-small camera "Insta360 GO", and the Insta360 ONE R app is a further upgrade.

▲ Video edited with AI edited video taken with Insta360 GO

The automatic editing of AI just by pressing the record button is super easy! 18.3g ultra-small action cam "Insta360 GO" | Best buy 2019

I like Insta360 GO as the best buy of 2019, but the main reason is this AI editing. I'm fascinated with the ease with which AI can do everything without having to choose a video or scene.

In the Insta360 ONE R app, AI automatically cuts out some scenes into 16: 9 and 4: 3 videos even for 360 degree videos, so you can automatically edit together with videos taken with a wide angle lens You. In addition, Insta360 ONE R can also directly edit videos taken with the camera screen. Since the edited content can be transferred to a smartphone via Wi-Fi, the width and simplicity of editing are further expanded.

In addition, according to Insta360, the automatic color grade has evolved by having AI learn beautiful pictures published on Instagram. It is not a filter but an image that is analyzed and adjusted, so it is possible to make bright and vivid corrections with one touch.

Audio recording via AirPods is also possible


The Insta360 ONE R is equipped with two built-in microphones and supports noise cancellation. The USB Type-C port and the mounting accessory shoe on the top allow you to mount a third-party 3.5mm microphone. It is also possible to record audio via AirPods. In addition, remote control with Apple Watch is also supported.

▲ A drone module that can shoot 360 degrees from the air while keeping the drone from being projected will be released

Main Specifications


The main specifications are as follows.

Battery time is
・ 4K wide-angle lens recording @ 4K 60fps continuous shooting time: 70 minutes
・ 360 degree lens recording@5.7K 30fps continuous shooting time: 70 minutes
・ 1 inch lens recording@5.3K 30fps Continuous shooting time: 65 minutes



I will write the price again. The 4K version that comes with the standard lens only costs 39,600 yen. A twin version of a 360-degree shooting lens and a standard wide-angle lens costs 59,400 yen. A wide-angle lens version with a 1-inch sensor costs 68,200 yen. All include tax. We have already started accepting reservations. The company plans to release a single lens.

Insta360 has proposed to use a 360-degree camera as an action camera so far, but it has finally hit the GoPro product from the front. I'm looking forward to seeing how the Insta360 ONE R, which has both hardware and software features, such as interchangeable lenses like a single-lens reflex camera and easy video creation with AI editing, is rampaging in the action camera market. . We are also worried about the future roadmap for lenses.

Engadget will continue to provide real machine reviews.

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