Internet mail-order,inequality foreign capital leading malls is overwhelming traction

Japanese Internet shopping of the giant, Rakuten 三木谷 President is free of policy firming,This against the Fair Trade Commission anti-trust law violation suspected of, and points out that policy, without changing the public take Rakuten to our inspection and prevent growth. 三木谷 President is free shipping from the shipping change words into antitrust violations on suspicion of trying to dispel, the Rakuten side of a tough stance on the background of competing operators in the Amazon Runaway is that it has been pointed out.

13, the Yano Research Institute, the domestic e-Commerce market survey,a survey-based report published.

In 2019, 5 March the Ministry of Economy, Trade and industry”e-Commerce survey”published the results of that,according to this 18 years of domestic consumer e-Commerce market size year-on-year 108. 96%of the 17 trillion 9845 billion yen, and sales areas only 9 trillion 2992 billion yen year-on-year 108. 12%with high growth shown in Fig.

Internet shopping and sales of companies in different top of the Amazon in recent years as to protrude, and 18 year sales of 1. 5 trillion yen and the growth rate as a 2-digit growth lasting. In recent years, the top companies are invariably strong that is more favorable demonstrate, on the one hand, from the traditional catalog-based mail-order business mail-order sales and the sluggish growth and a widening gap between the two.

Runaway to Amazon for Yodobashi Camera, an Access operation of the bar code and the comprehensive have a wide range of products, configuration of Internet shopping sites the growth of others. Internet shopping is one-stop shopping at a time so you can purchase in bulk and receive such as the height of convenience to the consumer in support of the mainstream to say. On the other hand,ZOZO and Uniqlo, such as clothing with a single handle in the field from the consumer support of the strong field is also seen.

The domestic market is a declining population trend, and General consumer goods the market is long-term growth of the continuation is not expected. However, shopping on the Internet for”retail areas,access of consumers to incorporate and,from the order in a short period of time, and specify the time and place that a delivery system is constructed and maintained based on the assumption that, the offline(brick and mortar)and online(Internet mail order) To purchase channel migration・the alternative consumer, by movement of the said market for the time being to remain strong and thinking”and the report is expected.

Consumer market expansion is expected in the business model including the transformation of customer acquisition competition is intensifying, and this Rakuten hubbub of these industry circumstances behind that. (Editor in charge:Kubota 雄城)

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