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Interview with a housewife whose husband had an affair! What is the characteristic of a person who has an affair?

Have you ever felt familiar with "flirt" or "infidelity"?

It is one of the words that you often see on SNS and the Internet, because the celebrities of entertainers are taken up every day in weekly magazines and TV news. Unfortunately, it may be that sex and infidelity are inseparable.

Wanibooks has recently released "A complete victory for an ordinary housewife's flirt" (1,100 yen excluding tax), which is a book about the real experiences of a housewife who has experienced her husband's affair. So, I asked Mr. SOMAN, the original author, about "infidelity" that only an experienced person can understand.

* Regarding the back of the book productionThis interviewcheck

A gentle man = a man who tends to flirt?

  • "Complete victory for an ordinary housewife cheating" (tax not included 1,100 yen)

――What do you think is the characteristic of SOMAN-san's “cheating men”?

I do not know if it can be said to be a feature, but after all"A popular man"I feel like someone close to me from cheating. I think it's easier to develop affair because more opportunities to interact with women.

The number of times women are approached simply increases. If an attractive woman is approaching, it's like "a man's shame not to sit down".

――So you have a lot of “encounters”.

I agree. As women may understand, there are men who think "something is popular and attractive" even if they are not rich men or men who look beautiful I think. To be honest, I feel that these people are partners who are likely to be worried about women's relationships.

— So that's it.

For example, my husband is a "very kind" person. It's not that cool, though (laughs). I thought that because it was kind to everyone, it would be easy for women to get to know it and feel “attractive”.

  • In the book, affair is drawn according to the real time axis

    In the book, affair is drawn according to the real time axis

When I was actually having an affair, I saw all the contact with the woman, but basically it was a feeling that the woman was impressed. Even based on that experience, I think that men who are popular among women are anxious.

If you have an affair, you can swim.

–What should you do when you are cheated?

If you have an affair, you should use Kotenpan!

  • A scene in a manga where you can see SOMAN's intentions

    A scene in a manga where you can see SOMAN's intentions

If you're cheated on you even once, you might be licked by the other party, saying, "Oh, what's wrong?", and the same thing might be repeated. So, if you feel suspicious of your opponent, let them swim and once you have the evidence, fight firmly. I think it is important to make people think, "When I do, I am a woman."

――It means that pride as a woman is important.

I doubted this person in the future, and thought that I could not endure the married life that I lived in anxiety, so I was angry to divorce. As a result, my husband has been patient and worked hard to rebuild the relationship of trust.

However, in my case, my husband told me that I was going to divorce myself, so I think he worked hard. Even in that sense, it might be effective to show that you are serious.

However, even if you can't make such a firm decision, I think it is most important to carefully choose "happiness in your life" and "pride in yourself".

I don't think it's good to overload one's life because of anxiety, worry, or stress. So, if there are people who are in trouble, I want you to think carefully about what you should do after valuing yourself!

— Thank you.

The book "Complete victory for an ordinary housewife affair" is written by SOMAN who answered the interview this time. In addition to the manga-styled real-life experience, the work also contains advice that can be used as reference when the marriage partner actually has an affair.

  • "Complete victory for an ordinary housewife cheating" (tax not included 1,100 yen)
  • "Complete victory for an ordinary housewife cheating" (tax not included 1,100 yen)

How about taking it as a reference book for life?

"Mediocre housewives completely win affair"

(Crocodile books / 1,100 yen excluding tax)

A real-life manga to prepare for when you "know" your husband's affair

An unusual conversation that I saw in a LINE popup. Noisy, female intuition. My believing husband was Kuro!
Collect evidence of flirtation, face off with an adulterer, and claim awards. For her husband, of course, she created a pledge that she will divorce herself if she has an affair next time. The confession of an affair partner and the conversion of an unfaithful husband are no guarantees. It is full of know-how that you can use to make sure you pay the price of affair without falling asleep!

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