Interview with a person on the Porsche 928 test team

Hans Klaus Checker was born in 1940. He joined the Porsche 928 late in the winter test program as an expert on the chassis. He was also involved in the development of racing machines with Works Specs.

"I joined the testing team about a year before the 928 was announced. The challenge at the time was to run a test drive in Austria with various winter tires. The tires themselves were Turracher Hehe. Tested on mountain trails and on the frozen surface of Lake Falkert, handling was tested on the north course at Nürburgring and on the contidrome in Hannover. Good results: my colleagues Gunter Stekkonig and I worked out the idea of ​​participating in the then touring European Touring Car Championship in 928 and eventually producing a race-specific 928 The 928 made its debut in 1983, including the Nürburgring and Daytona 24 The European Touring Car Championship regulations required the production of 5,000 cars a year, and unfortunately the 928 did not reach that number. The dream of gaining a career in motorsport disappeared without fear, and it took more than 30 years for the 928 racing plan to re-emerge.Porsche trainees and pensioners And a joint project by Günter Stekkonig have begun, and now the 928 is on standby, just like when I first entered the race in 1983. ''

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