Interview with Yui Imaizumi on a sunny day “ 2020 will be a year when we can make a lot of rewards ''

In 2019, Yui Imaizumi took on the role of an actress in earnest on the stage "The Atami Murder Case Last Generation 46", the drama "Million Joe" [TV TOKYO], and "Ellen Left Handed" [daily broadcast]. In March, the stage will be starring, "Azumi: Sengoku Edition". The word she wrote on the ema as a goal for this year is "Konogi Ichiban" [tightening my mind and working on things]. I spoke to Imaizumi in a kimono swearing a further leap.

──Speaking of Imaizumi's 2019, I think it was a year when she started her new career as an actress. How about looking back?

Imaizumi-It was a year that I felt so long, and I think it was a stronger year. Until then, I often thought, "It was a quick year." But last year, I was transferred and I started playing in earnest, so every day was full of things. So, when I look back now, I can clearly remember each and every event, "What happened that day?"

と The change in the environment has changed the way you spend your days.

Imaizumi Yes. Life rhythm has also changed considerably. At first I was worried, but now I'm used to it and have fun every day!

出演 Appeared on the stage “Atami Murder Case Last Generation 46” last March. There was also a TV drama appearance. How is the actress business?

Imaizumi: I still haven't gotten used to it yet, and the co-stars are just amazing, and I sometimes think "I'm OK to be here." But everyone is very kind. I was able to absorb a lot of things last year, as he carefully taught me, "I should do this here" or "I'll make it easier to understand."

と What is the biggest thing that can be absorbed?

Imaizumi: After all, my experience in the Atami Murder Case was very large for me. I taught me everything from the very beginning, and during the training period I was crying every day, but on the stage, I felt that my emotions were exposed and my shell was broken. I think I'm connected to myself thanks to "Atami Murder Case", so I want to play again.

──By the way, how did you spend the New Year?

Imaizumi: I spent very slowly. We went on a trip with the whole family.

──Where to travel?

Imaizumi is Chiba! It's near, but fufufu [laughs]. I usually go a little further away, but this year I couldn't decide everyone's schedule, so I spent some time close. I just ate seafood, ranch ice cream … and my family enjoyed a lot of delicious food!

── And this year's goal was to write “Koshinoban Ichiban” on an ema at Togo Shrine. It means "to tighten things and get to work." Why did you choose this word?

Imaizumi-This spring, it has been decided to star in the stage "Azumi-Sengoku Hen-". It was my first “starring stage” and it was a chance and a big game, so I wrote this word because I wanted to be even more focused.

稽 Have you started the training of “Azumi ~” already?

Imaizumi No, not yet. I have just started sword fighting, but this is very difficult … If you first thought, "Is the sword fighting like a dance?" Even if you know it in your head, you can't do it at all if you actually try to do it, and it's also difficult to swing your sword, and the situation is "Can you really make it at this pace?"

──The first day of "Azumi ~" is March 14th. It's almost two months left, and is there some pressure?

Imaizumi is there. However, I don't hate the situation of being cornered by something. Because it helps you to work hard and get on with it, the fun part is big while you feel the pressure!

──So what do you want to do privately this year?

I want to get a license for Imaizumi car. Now if possible!思 っ I'd like to get it in a month or two before "Azumi ~" starts.

No, I guess you've been busy with rehearsals for the past month or two?

This is Imaizumi. But I want to get somehow!

た ら If you get a license, where do you want to go?

Imaizumi or Karuizawa?ド ラ イ ブ If you drive in a place where nature is full and calm, you will surely be relieved.

し た ら If you were to drive one person? Or is it good to be with family and friends?

Imaizumi: If I were alone, I would definitely panic when I got lost, so I want to go with someone [laughs].

── Finally, what is your ambition for 2020?

Imaizumi: One year has passed and I have become accustomed to the environment and work, so I want to show myself more and more in the future! And I hope that we can make a lot of returns to our fans who support us and the staff who support us.

佑 Yui Imaizumi
Izumi and Yui. Born September 30, 1998, from Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Keyakizaka46 in 2018. The starring stage "Azumi-Sengoku-hen" will be performed in March at Bunkamura Theater Cocoon in Tokyo and in April at COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA WW Hall in Osaka.

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