Introducing a number of unique custom cars produced by students from Ichi! │ Tokyo Auto Salon 2020

Students of the Japan Automobile College [NATS], who can learn about car maintenance, design development, customs, motor sports, and other car-related topics, will be held at Makuhari Messe until January 12 [Sun]. A number of custom cars produced for Salon 2020 attracted attention at the venue.

First of all, we will introduce cars exhibited in 2020. It's just one full of personality.See all photos

NATS FIRE & PRINCE III base model: Hitachi ECO5-Z

The "little child fire truck" manufactured by the local fire department 30 years ago has been playing an active role in fire prevention education. However, it deteriorated remarkably over time, so we asked NATS to remake it. And this is the one that was born. Of course, you can experience fire fighting from running to water discharge.

NATS JIMNY ADVENTURE Base model: Suzuki Jimny Sierra

Jimny's two concepts, revival, and one that show the potential of Jimny to expand to infinity, further pursuing the rough road running into the hinterland of the world. It was produced to commemorate the 30th anniversary of NATS.

NATS CX-Runner II base model: Mazda CX-5

Customized with the image of a racing track style "Pre-Runner" pursuing off-road driving based on a high-quality luxury SUV. It can be used as a body lift or pickup truck for full-fledged off-road driving.

NATS A90 Soider base model: Lexus SC430

Based on the 80 Supra that appeared in the Hollywood movie "Wild Speed", a replica open model of the new Supra was produced. 2JZ engine is mounted and original aero is installed. Also equipped with NOS system just like a movie.

NATS 2020GT II base model: Suzuki Cappuccino

Originated from Japan's Shakotan Tsuraiichi, incorporating the image of custom style "stance culture" that is prevalent in the United States, the motif is based on the popular Toyota 2000GT among old cars.

NATS Easy Camper II base model: Suzuki Lapin

One inspired by the NATS adventure that NATS debuted at the Auto Salon in 2019 and attracted attention. A work called Slammed Druckin x Jimny that has been lowered to the limit.

NATS LS86 base model: Toyota Camry

The concept is a spacious sports sedan. One that proposes a sedan-type 86 that combines the comfort and sportiness that the 86 does not have.

NATS R35 Road Star II base model: Nissan Fairlady 2

Based on Fairlady Z, which has the potential of being enhanced to the utmost, despite being a public road specification, it crosses over the open feeling of open car and the spartanity of super sports at a high level and finishes as one that opens a new frontier of super sports Was done.

The following two vehicles were exhibited as reference exhibits.
F4 NATS-001

Based on a Dome carbon monocoque, the original machine was produced by making parts for each part in class according to the regulations of the F4 category. He has been participating as a constructor since 2013.

Formula Factory NATS-10

NATS original formula machine. Under the theme of deepening turning performance, we have implemented a vehicle design that combines high-dimensions in weight reduction, safety performance, and maintainability.

So what was the process before exhibiting this custom car? The whole team goes through the following process.
① Body design
Concept sketches and rough sketches of car design. From the floor plan to the three-dimensional view, give a presentation at the end.

② Bodywork training Manufacturing is carried out based on the techniques of metalworking, woodworking, FRP processing, etc. learned in the basic machining training.

③ Painting practice Experience the flow of a series of paint blending, masking, intermediate coating, and top coating using a toning machine at a full-scale booth.

出 Exhibit at the Tokyo Auto Salon。 Carrying in and out, setting up and serving customers
After the event, create a remodeling application form and go to the vehicle inspection training.

After mastering the vehicle inspection, finally, test driving is performed to test the durability, fuel efficiency, and various inspection items of the vehicle. It must be a fun moment for everyone, with custom cars lining up and running on public roads.

In an era where young people are leaving cars, it is intuitive to see that there are still young people who love cars.
Not only the unique custom cars, but also the promising students, full of hope.

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