Introducing an “electronic dictionary” for learning English in my home – a story of a small 4 daughter who had free research on Casio's “EX-word”

I feel it is one of the most important things in raising children“Learning English”. In the Showa and Heisei periods, I may have left you without English, but I feel like I will be left out of the world if I cannot speak English in the future. I feel that parents are responsible not only for communicating with tourists, such as foreigners visiting Japan, but also for giving children the option of entering a global environment.

The author's house has three daughters, starting from the fourth grade of elementary school, but two of the elementary school students already have English classes in elementary school. That is not enough. I picked it up to help me learn English at home.Electronic dictionary for elementary school studentsEX-word XD-SK2800It is.

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    Casio “EX-word XD-SK2800” market price 26,000 yen

Electronic dictionary for elementary school learning

It may seem that the electronic dictionary is still too early for elementary school students to study. However, from 2020, English will be compulsory at elementary schools. Considering that electronic dictionaries have become indispensable for junior and senior high school students in recent years, it may be better to become familiar with electronic dictionaries from elementary school students.

The “Exward” elementary school model (XD-SK2800) is an electronic dictionary for elementary school students. Reference books on Japanese language, math, science, and society are recorded, and it is possible to respond to junior high school examinations as well as preparatory review of school classes. In addition, Japanese language dictionaries, synonym dictionaries, proverb dictionaries, etc. according to the learning level of elementary school students are also recorded, making it easy to understand the meaning of the words examined and increasing the vocabulary.

And although it is essential English, there are many contents for elementary school students. For example, the animation material “Little Charo” for 2 seasons (100 episodes) is recorded. Hiragana subtitles allow you to learn while listening to English even in lower grades. In addition, the English textbook “Oxford Reading Tree Floppy ’s Phonics”, which is adopted by over 80% of primary schools in the UK, is also included, so you can steadily improve your English skills.

  • A wealth of English content for elementary school students

In addition, you can learn English with your eyes and ears in the "Kikutan Kids" series, where you can learn English words with English fairy tales and rhythms and illustrations. The English dictionary includes the Kids Crown English-Japanese and Japanese-English Dictionary, which makes it fun to study with all-color illustrations.

  • Lightweight and compact body that can be used easily by children
    The pen is stored in the main unit and it supports touch input.

Have fun learning English without fear

I decided to give it to my 4th grade daughter to see if it would help me. The “Eigo Diary” challenge book was given as a product purchase privilege, so I recommended my daughter to “write an English diary” as one of the free summer studies. (The "Eigo Diary" challenge book will end as soon as it is gone)

The "Eigo Diary" Challenge Book is a booklet supervised by Dr. Mayumi Ishihara, who is an English conversation instructor and seminar instructor, with books such as "Try writing a new diary in English" (Gakken Plus). You can learn words by themes of everyday events and use them as examples to learn English and acquire the ability to write.

I was curious when I gave my daughter an "exward". While saying "I'm not good at English," turn on the power and type the keyboard. It wasn't keyed yet, so I naturally started to read the meaning by inputting the words I was interested in, while pointing and checking the Roman letters.

  • Because I am used to digital products such as smartphones, tablets, and portable game machines, I started touching without resistance.

After touching the “exward” and getting used to it, try to pass the “Eigo Diary” challenge book. The first challenge is “Let ’s write where I went!”, Which is the challenge of “Day 1”.

Open the Kids Crown Japanese-English Dictionary, search for “zoo” and write the English word “zoo” in the diary. Next, look up and write English words representing other places, and complete the first day's English diary. Similarly, on the second day, write "what did you eat?" And on the third day, write "what did you play?" I wrote it according to the “Eigo Diary” challenge book, but from the third day onward, I started to translate Japanese into English and Japanese into English using English-Japanese and Japanese-English dictionaries.

And when I wrote an English diary for several days, I wrote the day of the week, the month, the weather, etc. in the diary with reference to the last page of the challenge book. In addition, I began to write short English sentences while naturally managing them, and began looking up English words in a dictionary saying, "What is a park in English?" Rather than studying himself, he enjoyed playing with an electronic dictionary.

  • Just give a little advice and look up and write English words yourself. I feel like I'm investigating like a game

By combining the “Exward” and “Eigo Diary” challenge books, we were able to write a simple English diary in a short period of time. I was glad that I was able to see that figure because I felt that my resistance to English disappeared more than I started a diary. I learned how to write even short sentences and how to look up English words that I don't understand.

Before fifth grader where English is required

At the daughter's elementary school, English classes have started from the first grade. And as mentioned above, English will be required at elementary schools from 2020. If you enter junior high school, a full English class will begin. If possible, I would like to get close to English as much as possible so that I can start authentic English without resistance.

In that sense, I felt that “exward” would be a good entry point for English. As an extension of play, you can learn and study English words and learn native English pronunciation.

In addition, NHK radio courses that also serve as the basis for English proficiency and drills for Eiken measures are included, so it seems that you can continue to use it even after you become a middle school student.

I am glad that content other than English is also substantial. It is very encouraging to have a total of 100 types of content, including encyclopedias and trivia related to 243 countries and regions around the world."Exward"If you feel that it is fun to use, you will likely have more opportunities to experience English.

In elementary school English learning, it is better to start with a place where you can enjoy English as a familiar thing, and then gradually shift to learning English. If you “study” too much from the beginning, you may hate English. In that respect, the combination of “Exward” and “Eigo Diary” can be enjoyed by oneself without the consciousness of “study”. In that sense, it seems to be the best for elementary school students to debut in English.

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  • Mass: Approximately 275g
    Size: Width 148.0 x Depth 105.5 x Height 18.5mm (Closed)
    Color variation: Vivid pink white

The main body has a TAFCOT design that is strong against dropping, pressurization, and vibrations, so it can be used safely by elementary school students. There are plenty of contents to support from daily preparation and review to junior high school entrance exams, and contents for junior high school students are also included, making it useful for post-graduation learning.

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