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Introducing "lactic acid bacterium afternoon tea" using Yakult

Hotel Intercontinental Tokyo Bay will offer "Lactobacillus afternoon tea" (3,621 yen / service charge, tax not included) in the lounge & bar "Hudson Lounge" in collaboration with the lactic acid bacterium brand "Yakult" from August 1st to September 10th To do.

  • "Lactobacillus afternoon tea" (3,621 yen/service charge and tax not included)

The project was born this spring when the Yakult headquarters moved to the Takeshiba area where the hotel is located. Junji Tokunaga, Executive Chef Patissier, has been working on devising sweets using lactic acid bacteria.

Yakult and Joa, which are well-known as national health drinks, were each made into a jelly with lemon-squeezed cocktail (non-alcoholic) and mango & passion fruit to create a refreshing taste.

There are also sweets made from materials that can be expected to improve the intestinal environment, such as cakes using cream cheese and chocolate macaron with lactic acid bacteria.

You can enjoy a full-fledged special savory using the taste of summer delivered from the adjacent French restaurant “La Provence” and 25 kinds of free refill drinks including tea from the popular tea shop “Lupicia”.

Offer time is from 11:30 to 20:00 (L.O. 19:30). Please check the website for details as this is a shortened business for the time being.

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