Introducing the wrist rest "hillock" that lifts your wrists and reduces mouse fatigue!

The more time you spend teleworking, the more time you spend operating your PC. Many people who mainly operate the mouse while working on a PC are suffering from chronic wrist fatigue (tiredness, pain, tendonitis).

So this time, I would like to introduce "hillock", a wrist rest recommended for those who have severe wrist fatigue!

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"Hillock" is a mobile wrist rest developed by a professional mechanical designer as a work tool. It is a wrist rest that not only prevents wrist pain but also makes computer work easier.
It has a simple shape with all but the functions removed, and by using the selected high-performance materials as much as necessary, it is also compact and lightweight.


Just fit your wrist

From many wrist sample data and many prototypes, a golden value that balances natural comfort and comfortable operability is obtained.Central height 16mmIt became.
The "hillock" has a streamlined shape with detailed details that fits naturally on the wrist without any discomfort.

Just fit your wrist

Smooth usability

Uses an ultra-low friction pad made of fluororesin, which is also used in high-end gaming mice. Achieves ultra-low friction performance not found in other resins. In particular, it goes well with general office desks, matted melamine resin top plates, and hard mouse pads for gaming.
In addition, it is designed so that it naturally follows the wrist with the same operation as usual without pressing the wrist, so the movement of the wrist from the mouse to the keyboard is smooth.

Smooth usability

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This time, we have introduced the mobile wrist rest "hillock" developed by a professional mechanical designer as a work tool. This item is recommended for those who are suffering from wrist fatigue caused by computer work.
This "hillock" is a project that GREEN FUNDING is seeking support until 2021/01/11, so if you are interested, please check it out!

Click here for details on "hillock" → A must-have for modern people! Ergonomics fits like a bespoke! Work tools for professional mechanical designers. Floating wrist rest "hillock"

(Sentence: Shino Ichinose.)

The image isGREEN FUNDINGThan

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