Investing for beginners]to attack or defend from your own investment style the image as

2020 Years, 8 month,Obon holidays approaching. 2020 the first half,not only in Japan but worldwide,the new corona virus infection caused by a variety of influences is large, and now also in a mess to say.

【Here】Investing for beginners mutual funds buy,Bank and securities which is better?

Corona ominous,and better”in store for the money”about.

For example, travel funds and 遊興費, such as for Planned I had saved money and funds to the corona effect of your something from another city, and ask.

Its funds based on,something to start investing as a beginner investors many.

The investment itself is for the first time, if the securities account opening from, which is a good thing. Securities account opening is usually 1 to 2 weeks for the first account opening procedures,the actual operation can be time to own investment style for the image recommend.

Is this specific to your own investment style given the way some want.

First, the current age of the. This is a very important point.

Currently the early 40s, and see if it is somewhat”aggressive investment”is very good to say.

One loss and then the retirement age must continue to be salaried if income continues loss Supplement it is possible.

However, already in the 50s and later, if the typical retirement age for the remaining period is short, and should”protect the investment”and want to recommend.

It’s that parenting is one paragraph that household many old age to consider that the which is also. One of the 50s and later by the investment loss if the retirement funds measures from 損失補填, and there is not realistic to say.

Another way to think about the principal of assurance is high, choose whether Point also.

“Investment interest in, which you were harmed”would like, if you undoubtedly keep the investment good. Specifically, the Japanese government bonds for individuals,iDeCo,about only as NISA is.

“Some loss is good, Increasing want to say,”if the principal is no guarantee, and equity investment, etc. Which stocks to choose good if you don’t, the fees from the mutual Fund from the beginning would be even better.

Also, the individual stocks you do not have confidence in an index Fund or ETF, the overall value movement and learn to be better.

Investment and initially decided through the you often. The point is,how a reorientation can do. From the direction of investment to decide is important, but the actual operation after starting is flexible to respond flexibly with more loss reduce,continue to operate the skills that.

Especially if you are a beginner, make sure you can afford both in time and in mind a margin of importance, the first is a small challenge from the recommended for. [Articles:Ohno, Midori・The article list to look at]

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